Perks: Movement Speed vs Jetpack Recharge vs Jump Height


Hey there!
So I’m a hunter who places a premium on getting around quickly; generally in all shooters being able to move faster is hugely advantageous, and is almost always preferable to any alternative. With this in mind, I generally take one of the movement based perks (unless I’m playing someone who hugely benefits from a specific perk, such as weapon swap for Val), but I haven’t made up my mind yet as to which is the best to choose.

Jetpack recharge was my initial guess, but on the downside it doesn’t effect the lag time between using your jetpack and the recharge starting, rendering it less useful then it seems originally (especially if you’re playing as you should and are jetting about pretty constantly). Jump height seems like a good choice as it provides both more move speed and the tactical advantage of getting higher (and thus better avoiding the monster), but I’m not sure how it stacks up speed wise to the jet recharge and move speed.

What do you guys think? which perk is going to provide the most extra distance over the course of a match?


If you want to play medic or support, go jetpack recharge.

Trapper is either movespeed or jetpack recharge. I usually go movespeed as the time it takes to reload your jetpack when the monster is domed is too long even with the perk, so being able to run around is better and works for me.

Assault: Don’t bother. They take damage reduction or output.


Support maybe, but on Medic I value other perks. Jetpack recharge might be worth considering if you’re in an Evacuation game and the Monster is particularly tunnel-visioned on you. Otherwise, however, it’s not my favorite for Medic.


He’s asking for movement perks, though. Which is why i’m suggesting recharge for medic.

I’d much rather go capacity increase or damage reduction.


Yeah, that just occurred to me. Of the movement speed perks, I would probably pick jetpack recharge for Medic.


This question is a tricky one and I think there is no clear winner, because benefits wildly vary even on the same map. If you are crossing valleys that aren’t too wide, then jump height is the way to spend the least fuel and therefor overall the fastest. It also helps with climbing a good amount.

Recharge is probably the best if you need a large amount of fuel constantly to bridge long distances.

Movement speed I haven’t tested enough it also just mentions top speed, but since there isn’t really any acceleration going on when running I don’t know what is going on with this.

Notably jump height has also a defensive purpose so I would probably stick with that. It is well rounded and sometimes just making that one jump is enough to get the climb away from the monster going, which is a good amount more difficult with less starting height.


Jetpack Recharge, hands down.


I pick health regen with everything, unless you’re with some really good Caira or you are Caira. Since we’re talking about pub and not premade health regen is perk with which I can carry and actually make plays, especially with support. Yet I see hardly anyone picking health regen, not even with Lazarus in group.


I used to pick healthregen to support lazarus. Nowadays I already accepted the loss at char select and refuse to have my character perform suboptimally because some guy thinks it is funny to pick the garbage right now.


I generally try not to jetpack around until it’s absolutely vital, this means that jetpack recharge is useful if I’m going to be intermittently focused on flatter ground, while jump height is better if I have a bunch of stuff that’s high to use to dodge around on. Medics and trappers tend to be focused more so if I want movement I’ll go recharge, assault and support are more free from that focus so I’d almost always take jump height. On some maps though, fusion plant and refueling tower especially, jump height all the way.


Health regeneration felt good until I realised it didn’t act until you were out of combat. Much better to take damage reduction, I find.


I like jump height until the rest are three stars as well.


Personally I would always take jump height over jetpack recharge if you’re picking for mobility. Also if you’re Hyde, other assaults maybe I prefer movement speed. Reasoning? You’re always going to be out of jetpack juice when you most need it, even with recharge speed. I’d rather have a higher jump in that situation than the knowledge I’ll have a full dodge available after that lightning strike hits me…


I like jetpack recharge the best for getting around faster, but if the medic is Lazarus I usually end up choosing health regen regardless who I’m using


I’d like to prove you wrong with that out of combat stuff, that applies only when getting hit and seems like when you don’t get hit for 5 secs regen kicks in, however you may shoot as much as you like and still regen hp.
Check this: It should start at 2:53


Jetpack recharge doesn’t get you anywhere faster in the long run, it’s only good for jetpack dodging. This is good for assault or trapper. Assault to keep up with monster for main weapon damage, and trapper to triple boost dodge dome.

Movement speed only works while you are on the ground, so you don’t want to be using Jetpack that often. This will cover more distance over a longer period of time. This is useful for characters like Laz who usually don’t expend much jetpack and just go in for a rez.

Jump height is pretty terrible imo. The 200% doesn’t make much difference. Personally, I think jetpack management > any movement perk. Combat perks are generally much more important once you can manage your fuel.

As for damage reduction, that is good if a monster is singling you out. If you are taking potshots of damage, health is better.


I generally play trapper or medic, so my experience is one of being focused :stuck_out_tongue:


It not regenerating while you are being damaged is the main point of contention I have. Again, coloured no doubt by the fact I’m either being ignored or focused, not in between. :slight_smile:


This is why I want to play with your team. I feel like I’m pretty good already but I need some tutelage to take my game to the next level.


My 2 cents:

Jetpack Recharge for Assault and Trapper

Val needs to run with HP regen

Support depends, Hank capacity, Cabot Reload or Damage.