Perks for monsters


Best perks for monsters and reasons


Increased Damage on all of them.
Why? Because YOU’RE the real hunter.


Depends entirely on your playstyle. I generally take Damage Increase for Wraith because I take burst attacks- Abduct, SN (which is now a burst attack, essentially) and WB. I love hit and run tactics, so I want to hit hard and fast before leaving.


I choose feed speed on all of them cuz I’m sorta crazy fast runner, so yeah.
If I had to go with a more, conventional build, I’d say damage increase on Goli, CDR on Kraken, Movement speed on Wraith, and Damage reduction on Bob


Traversal regen on goli because that nerf hurt so hunters will just have to deal with more leaps then before.

Cooldown or movespeed on Kraken. Depends how much pressure the enemy team puts out though I haven’t played Kraken much anymore because he’s just not fair.

Speed on wraith. She just uses normal movement so much and decoy movement is a godsend.

Speed on behemoth. He has trouble escaping for evo without it I find particulary with his lousy stamina. Needs to make up for when you randomly get stuck too.

A lot is personal preferance though.


behemoth i take the damage resistant perk on defend cause otherwise i can handle the rest. increased speed on hunt

kraken I’m partial to cool down time because he can barrage like nobodys business with that

wraith damage perk

Goliath speed perk


I prefer stamina regeneration for behemoth because the roll is fast already.