Perks? Devs explain this


I heared something about selecting perks in one of the Interveiw video.
Can you guys explain about those Perks?

and I’m not a fan of perks in games, but i want to hear how they works etc.


I do believe I’ve heard that if you (Hunters) kill a certain enemy in a game (preferably one’s with a star), then they will give you perks. Such as being able to see the Monster for a certain amount of time. I’m not sure if this only happens on specific animals you kill or if EVERY animal gives you a perk. Killing another animal can also give the Monster perks too, or so I’ve heard!

Otherwise if you’re talking about selecting perks on the other hand, then this applies to when evolving as the Monster. Well first of all when you start a game, you can select two (out of four?) perks to use as the Monster then you can select more of them as you level up! I’m uncertain about choosing perks when selecting a Hunter class though, as far as I’ve heard so far you can get temporary perks from killing wildlife! :metal:


@SlinkyGuy has it mostly accurate :D. You get to select a Perk pre-round as both Monster and the Hunters. And throughout the match, there are Elite type wildlife that, when killed, will drop a consumable, temporary perk / enhancement effect (for either side that consumes it). And, as the Monster, you have the opportunity to change your perk each time you stage up to adjust your tactics against the four Hunters.

More info on these perks to come, but a number of press outlets have covered off on some of them that we’ve revealed already! Someone should start and maintain a “Game Details” thread in the Gameplay Discussion category that I can Sticky… ;).


Now that’s an idea I can get behind! :bulb:


Monsters have Perks too.


Everything we know about perks is here so far:

In summary, you get one persistent pregame perk, and one temporary (5 min) elite wildlife perk.


I personally don’t like straight up increase damage or defense upgrades. They generally lead to everyone rolling with them, hopefully we see perks with interesting utility properties or change the damage increase to something like “do more damage with X% amount of health left” would be way more interesting.


For me, perks are dependent on the team composition I have. If I know my medic is playing Lazarus, I’ll probably take either defense or health regen, whereas if they’re playing Val I have to worry less about healing and could take something more offensive. Same if I know someone is playing Hank over Bucket, I know that shield gun is an option, so I can take something more offensive. If they’re playing Bucket who is a super aggressive, damage-dealing support, I’ll want to make sure I’m handling some of my protection myself.

It’s just another layer of team comp considerations, almost like a super simplified version of masteries and runes in League of Legends.


Is there a max amount of perks one can have and if so what happens if you obtain one more then allowed?


You mean like the perks you can get from wildlife? Say if you have one perk already active from eating/killing Elite wildlife and then you pick up another one, then your previous perk is replaced with the most recent one you’ve just picked up. So, no having more than one!

But you can have that perk from the Elite wildlife AND the one you picked at the beginning, but you can only pick one perk at the beginning to use during the entire match, no changing perks during the game!


Vid shows what appears to be 2 working in tandem both with timers?


I believe that’s because a different Hunter picked up another perk from wildlife, so each Hunter can have at least one perk which affects the whole team, so they had two running at the same time.

But YOU won’t be able to pick up another perk and have that on top of your previous one YOU picked up yourself, that will just be replaced with the new one!

At least I think that’s what happens, I don’t know, I think @MacMan might have to answer that one because he said the same thing when I asked if perks stacked at all.


In that build there is a bug where the UI would show multiple Elite buffs for the Monster player, even though only the top buff is active.


here’s the perks I’m referring to

Doh replied before I posted, so pictured here is a bug?


Correct. The bottom one isn’t actually in affect. It’s a UI bug, a left over from when Buffs used to stack. So the code knows they don’t stack, but the UI doesn’t.


Are you not able to see exactly what perk you’ll get before you eat the wildlife?


Believe same critter type always gives same perk.


Correct. You learn what they are pretty quick.


Are creature perks random or can I count on getting the same perk each time I kill the same creature? (I realize the creature needs to be elite)


As stated by @Apex and confirmed by @MacMan above you’ll get the same perk each time you kill the same creature