Perk, Weapon, and Ability Levels - Should They Be Removed?


First things first, I’m a new guy who hasn’t actually played a lick of Evolve (missed the chance during the Big Alpha). Because of this, I can’t comment on how well balance most things actually are in the game, as I simply do not have nearly enough info on them to actually know. I can only talk from general game design standpoints, as oppose to specific imbalances within Evolve.

With that said, I feel like the whole “level up your perks / weapons / cooldowns” progression system that Evolve is running with is imbalanced on that general game design front (even in games other than Evolve), since it inherently puts players who are newer to the game and who do not have max level perks / items / abilities at an inherent disadvantage to those who do regardless of how good the players actually are, since the latter group’s stats are literally straight-up better. Whereas people running different characters, perks, etc can still be balanced against each other overall due to having certain upsides and downsides, leveled-up perks / weapons / etc are always going to be a direct upgrade with no downsides against lower-leveled perks.

I know the devs have commented before on this, saying that they might remove this element of the game if it proves problematic. I’m simply making this thread to throw in my own support of removing it, as direct-upgrades for players who merely have played the game more seems like an inherently terrible design decision, regardless of what game it is or how small those upgrades actually are. Players getting more options for playing more is one thing, but giving those players straight-up better equipment doesn’t seem like something that could ever actually be balanced.


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