Perk to help Laz

what do you think about a silver+gold set of perks that decrease damage while incapped and decrease the health decay rate while incapped?

for example(with random numbers):
-Second Chance(silver): Decrease damage taken while incapped by 10%/12.5%/15%
Decrease health decay rate while incapped by 5%/7.5%/10%

-Last Chance(gold): Decrease damage taken while incapped by 20%/22.5%/25%
Decrease health decay rate while incapped by 15%/17.5%/30%

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too situational, useless in combat, why not just buff incap heal of Laz


1: you will usually use your HB to help your teammates to stay alive, so you will not always have it while someone is down
2: if the monster is attacking your downed teammate a HB will not be as usefull as a 40% DR

this perks are thinked to be for support( and on choice trapper) while the medic is laz, increasing the time that the monster have to body camp, thus increasing the damage taken, that is the whole purpose of Laz.

The idea to help Lazarus out with these perks is admirable, but I think it needs tweeking.

Firstly designing a perk to be specifically used on a hunter for the purpose of just one hunter seems a bit strange.

Secondly, why don’t they just pick something that will keep them alive longer, and do something useful while you are alive, like a jetpack perk or those new healing ones. For the perk to do its work you need to be downed, a state in which, no matter if you have a Lazarus or not, you don’t want to be in.

I think the it would be better served if Lazarus got an incapped healing buff. His heal burst heals a standing hunter for around 500, and it only heals a downed hunter for around 140. Maybe if it healed around 180-220 instead?

But a perk might be possibble, I think it would be better if it granted a bonus while downed, and while standing. Something like this:

You have 4% increased max health
You are healed for an additional 25% while downed.

still i think that many other medics would gain more from your perk than Laz, because Laz has only HB to heal. i like the idea of bonus while standing+ bonus while downed, but imo DR would be a better choice than healing bonus

I think if laz had 250-300 incap heal ( reasonable as that won’t revive them on a 9 second cd from his hb) things would be better.
We already have slim getting 250 so laz having it wouldn’t be above anyone else.

But I think a perk that suits everyone is better than a perk that suits just one hunter. True, other medics may benefit more from this than Lazarus, but if we wanted to make a perk that only suited Lazarus’s game play style, wouldn’t it be better just to buff him?

Maybe, if it was something like this:

You have 4% increased max health. Or 3% damage reduction.
You have 20% increased downed state health. Or 10% damage reduction

This way the benefit to downed state is the same regardless of medics. The DR on downed state should be kept relatively tame, otherwise it would just make it pointless for a monster to try and finish someone.

As a laz player I think bringing up his heals on incap is much needed.
Atm there is no reason to use your burst on incapped mates because it doesn’t heal for ***.
Better save the burst in case he turns on you.

I’m on the far end, and think he should be more consistent at resing.

He should be able to res through light melees, and should have a slightly faster res speed.

One thing that has always gotten me as Lazarus is how Kraken’s little snowball ranged attacks cancel the revive. But I think mêlées should still knock Lazarus off the revive, otherwise I can see it happening where a monster is camping a corpse to bait Lazarus out and Lazarus turns up to revive the dead guy just as you have no knock-back abilities and only mêlées available, leaving you with no way to cancel the inevitable. Maybe Kraken’s snowballs should not cancel the revive though.

Maybe only a 0.2-0.35 second improvement on the res speed is needed?

i would instead decrease glove’s CD and increase its range by a couple of meters, not sure about the speed

It would be so troll to be able to revive people from further away. I like it. It would make body camping less dangerous for Lazarus, he could stand outside of the Monster’s area of influence while still being able to revive the dead hunter.

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Personally I would rather just buff Laz than make perks specifically for him. It would make those perks default picks and would reduce the options that Laz would have when it comes to selecting perks.

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Yet in mid-high level of play, the monster uses every one of his abilities and kills the downed Hunter in a matter of seconds.

This way Laz can’t be baited, then slapped and then focused.

He either needs to stay on the body and take punishment or let Laz get the res and then he can focus Laz.

Atm it’s too easy to bait Laz, then get 2 free strikes, especially 1 on Laz.

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Amen to that, and this is coming from an avid Laz hater on Legacy.

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I still think a skilled charge on the glove would help, like when your x meters away you can begin a charge but once you start it will fire whether you make the rez or miss totally amd a mix would trigger normal cd.
That way it gives laz a chance to counter camping yet also has a huge risk of missing and losing that chance as the recharge would see the hunter dead before you get a second chance

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