Perk System Details


Hi @Developers,

I’m contacting you in hopes of getting some answers to the newly introduced perk system in Evolve Stage 2. I’m trying to compile a guide that answers some of the questions that have been floating around the community. If you could spare some of your time to at least answer a few of the questions that would be appreciated.

  1. Do perks stack in additive or multiplicative? If I pick Heavy Armor (+4%) and Scale Armor (+8%) for monster will I have +12% damage reduction or something else?

  2. Do the following perks stack?
    a) Crippling Attack and Paralyzing Attack (Melee attacks slow targets X% for 2 seconds.)
    b) Mutated Claw and Evolved Claw (Melee attacks deal X damage per second for 3 seconds.)
    c) Infravision and Ultravision (View outlines of creatures and traps within X meters.)
    d) Poisonous Rounds and Acidic Rounds (Direct Damage applies X Damage per second for 3 seconds.)

  3. How much health do hunters have? Does it vary between characters? This would be useful to know for the purposes of Regeneration perks.

  4. What does Capacity mean on the Energy perk?

  5. Does Poisonous Rounds work with non-direct weapons? (Markovs Mines, Buckets Turrets, Wasteland Maggies Combat Trapjaw…)

  6. Does Reloader perk help at charging support and medic equipment, such as Hanks Shield Projector or Vals MedGun?

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Good hunting.


Hello! I’ll try to help where I can.

  1. Perks stack, so in your example it would be 12%. The devs are working on alternative UI to make this clearer.

  2. A&B and C&D would stack respectively.

  3. Health used to be 1600 IIRC, I’m not sure if that’s changed.

  4. For beam/energy weapons it provides additional battery (ammo)

  5. They do not.

  6. I believe so.


1600 and no.

Ammo capacity for guns or energy capacity for hanks shield projector/laser. It doesn’t affect orbital barrage or lazs cloaks length.

It should only affect bullet weapons but it might work on explosive weapons based on the fact that sunny can get it.

Yes but not class abilities. Anything that reloads asides from class abilities and jetpack benefits from reload speed


Additive according to @MaddCow.

1600, no it does not vary.

Extra capacity increases clip sizes/battery storage of your guns and energy weapons/equipment. Things like, caira’s grenade launcher, Torvald’s mortars, hyde’s flamethrower, and hank’s shield projector all get affected. If I am not mistaken, it will round down instead of rounding up.

I think things like buckets turrets yes, but probably not markov’s mines

Yes. Reload increases the recharge rate of “battery” equipment.


Guess we all found it about the same time lol.


Yep, I was makin my reply before they sent theirs. Didn’t want to just scrap my reply when someone else replied first tho.


Thanks for the replies. Some contradictory information but hopefully we can get a reply from the developers directly.


For Lennox, does taking reloading perks make her lance fire faster, as though it was a weapon with a clip of one (like Sunny’s grenade launcher) or do they not work like that?