Perk Suggestion


So most bases are covered when it comes to perk selection, but this is a perk I would REALLY like to see and I don’t think it’d be game breaking. It’s pretty simple.

Just call it the “Silence” or “STFU” perk. It’s a perk that grants you the ability to press a button and your character will not make the ridiculously poor timed voice call outs for 2-3 seconds. Give it a cooldown of 15 seconds or even more. You could ACTUALLY be stealth with this perk. Here are several possible uses:

-Laz won’t shout out “HEY MY GLOVE IS READY AND I’M ABOUT TO REZ SOMEBODY AT THIS LOCATION” whenever he is about to rez someone


You get the idea with the shout out caps.

-When you successfully sneak up on a monster that is just starting his evolve and are about to drop an orbital on his head, you can prevent your character from calling out his presence causing the monster to stop the evolve and book it

-You can temporarily hide the fact that you were just downed, granting a better chance for revives and less body camping

-Secretly spotting hidden monsters in bushes for your team but pretending you don’t know

Think I’ve illustrated the point here. By implementing a short active time and a cooldown timer, you would cut down on the possibility of abusing it. I know us more experienced players have figured out work arounds for some of it like pinging next to a monster, or looking up at the sky or down at the ground so the monster isn’t centered in your field of view to prevent voice call outs, but those shouldn’t be necessary.

I think this would be worth looking into for serious consideration for implementation.


Is this for real?


Yes this is a legitimate suggestion. There is some sarcasm thrown in with the STFU parts and whatnot, but the core idea is legit.


I think we need this perk on the forum too sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:.

As for the reality of it in game, I think there are far better ideas for perks than one that just makes it so you don’t talk. Also you’d need a monster one to be relatively similar… I suppose sniffing/walking could be silent. Evolving too.


I think you are correct that the equivalent would be sniffing/walking for the monster perk. Most experienced hunters can recognize jukes by the sniffs monsters make, which can be heard from a considerable distance. Being able to silence your sneak walking/sniffing for a couple seconds as a monster would be invaluable at high level play.


We do need a Silence Perk.

It would be fair since you’d be sacrificing Combat Potential over stealthy approaches.


This is related: Did you know your hunter will only scream “I FOUND IT, IT’S RIGHT HERE!!” if you ping the monster directly? If you ping the environment next to it, you can still communicate where the monster is without screaming about it.

At least, I believe this to be true. Admittedly I haven’t tried staring AT the monster for a long time, but I KNOW that pinging the monster DOES cause a callout.

In a response to the OP, I feel like some of the callouts are important because the monster is a player too, and like one of the devs said previously, it’s important that both sides have the important information they need so they’re not just totally overwhelmed by seemingly random things happening for no reason.

For example, this is why Hank has a callout when he switches to his bombard, so the monster can go “Oh jesus christ I need to move right now” instead of face-tanking the first half of the barrage before moving. In this case, I believe it adds to the balance of the powerful ability. Similarly with Lazarus, being able to rapidly bring a hunter back up with no strike is extremely powerful, but it’s traded for the knowledge that Lazarus is somewhere, ready. It’s up to Laz to be patient while the monster wastes abilities on a corpse for his moment to rush in (provided he doesn’t switch away from his glove, otherwise he won’t have a mechanically sneaky revive.

Admittedly this is entirely my opinion, but I feel like the callouts are intentionally there, not only for the atmosphere, but also for balance.

However, I will agree that a perk that quiets hunters and monsters would be a very interesting addition to the game. Perhaps hunters could have a silent/dim jetpack and faint footprints, and the monster won’t be heard walking from 90 meters away (instead like 45), and sniffing could be quieter (slow, long, deep sniff rather than a quickie so it’s harder to differentiate between that and the wind). God forbid it makes birds less likely to appear, allowing stealthy monsters to be more reliable.

Maybe we should summon a dev to review this thread? Good ideas and only 7 posts.


I think you should go even farther, and go for a full stealth-based perk for each side. For example:

Hunter perk:
No jetpack trail, no jetpack noise, no voice callouts when cloaked, footprints only every fifth step, less callouts in general (keeping only the important ones), wildlife detection radius decreased drastically, etc.

Monster perk:
Quieter walking, no sniffing sound, no grunt when attacking or sneak pouncing, quieter melee attacks and pounce attacks, quieter evolves, no showing up on soundspikes when sneaking, wildlife and bird detection radius decreased, no armour glow, etc.


I like some of the addtions in here but I think all of these changes would start entering the realm of OP and would make this the only go to perk.

I mentioned this in my original post that some of us more experienced folks have figured out these workarounds.

I get that the call outs are intentional to convey tactical information to both sides. This is why this would a be a perk, and a relatively controlled one with the short time frame and long cool down. Not everybody would take this perk by a long shot. But it could be game changing for either side depending on the play style.


They wouldn’t need to all be in the perk, but I would like to see some kind of stealth perk, more for the monster than the hunters, but it would also help with Laz or the supports.

Callouts could stay, but jetpack trails and footprints could go a long way to helping cloaks.

Monsters could benefit a lot by being quieter and glowing less.

These would make for popular perks and would help spice up hunting the monster again.