Perk slots; interesting yet boring?


Short answer:

Personally, I’ve never seen a perk system got done in such way in the past 15 years or so. If any of you folks is indeed a warlock in the video game industry, please do zap a lighting on into my mind. It’s interesting that it allows a crazy amount of bonus with its additive nature yet it’s bad that they are rather too dull in terms of their composition while they all are inflecting to the same numeric outcome - hence the endgame of them is nowhere near interesting in addition of their progression design makes them not as straightforward nor as fair as how it should be.

Long story:

With Evolve turning into stage 2, a lot of changes are made into the game; some are big and some are small as some of them are game saving good and some of them are still remain in their primitive state.

As for perk slots for the hunters, I must say it’s interesting to see TRS is taking a turn to make perks on each slot/tier doing exact the same thing but at a different extent. So both naturally and obviously, players will lean themselves to place the ones that’s less about the value and more about their sole presence at the first slot and then going the other way around when it comes to the last slot.

Thus, unsatisfactorily (while still being somewhat amazed), I feel the perk system should redone once again so hunter players won’t just pick the most potent one, such as health regen due to health being the one and only factor for how much as well as how long hunter players are combat effective after the game excludes ammo, reload and-or any other game changing measures that have limited use.

Here is what I think of it firstly yet for most: perks shouldn’t go the up-gradable route on the hunter side. Two of the first biggest reason being the gameplay for hunter players is designed around the synergy of individual performances rather than a RPG where every single bit of edge counts - and making perks to work on different potency creates fluctuation/unstableness to the matchmaking system as well as a pit of gameplay balance issues for the game.

Secondly, given the game revolves heavily around co-op and tactics, I feel the perks should be lent to synergize with said aspects in a influential way to how their beneficiaries play, which in terms should give the game an increased depth in moves and counter moves; therefore helps shaping the interaction between both sides rather than just providing some numeric boosts, which again is kinda boring as stated above.