Perk Silver key costs too high?


What do you guys think ? Are the costs too high for perks? For example, to upgrade 1 T2 CDR perk you have to pay 4.6-4.8k (can’t remember exact number). Which is almost the cost of 1 5.5k Hunter. To unlock a T3 Perk it costs around the same.

Imo, they should reduce the overall costs of perks by 20%~ or rework the whole unlock perk system. I get that because Evolve went F2P, there needs to be a certain grind to get players hooked/spent money on but Perks should not be one of those.

Just my opinion, whats yours?


That’s all you need to ask me for a “Yes”

I actually do find it irritating that is way high up there. I thought as a Founder 3,000 Keys would get me a few Superior perks but the opposite is none


I agree, I think perks are a bit expensive at the moment, about a 20% reduction would be pretty good. However I think the current way you unlock them free seems ok for the most part.


I don’t mind it either that much, especially when leveling up characters which is almost the same way as it was before. I also don’t mind spending Silver Keys on them but not THAT much. I think Skins, Characters AND Silver Key/XP boosts should be the main way to monetize this game.

Also, does anyone know if we get all Perks in Ranked mode? Or can we only use those we unlocked?


I’m kinda glad this isn’t the case, otherwise everyone would accuse founders of being Pay to Win by having superior perks at the start. I think it’s fine tbh because everyone started on the same field. Nothing worst than going into something and hoping you don’t play with founders because they have a great advantage at the start in experience AND perks.


Not sure about an XP booster, but yeah a Key booster or just straight up keys along with the skins and such would be good monetization, but let them worry about it when the game is better prepared as they are doing at the moment.


Yeah, the 3k Silver Keys were very generous imo.


I agree on that as well, the perks founders got already were a big boon, anymore and I would feel way too favored.


That’s a good Pro you have there


Go Pro? :slight_smile:


I love the new perk system. You can customize your character way more intensely now and fit it even better to your play style. This creates more diverse games and in turn makes it more fun to play. But I do agree that perks seem to be a little bit expensive, I think that’s because TRS was trying to encourage people to play the game more.


In my opinion costs are fine. You don’t need to unlock them all, just choose ones that works well with your playstyle.

Im more annoyed by the fact that I have no idea what I’m getting from upgrading perks. I don’t see any hint on how much perk’s given value will increase.
For instance, I wanted to take Capacity as Slot 2 perk, as it works well on some supports. First level was 10% so I assumed it could be 15%, or even 20%. After spending 3,2k coins on upgrade it I found out level 2 gave me 13%. I’m not giving up my current Slot 2 perk for that low percentage if it’s going to be 15% at maximum level 3.