Perk Shop not there! :(


I am one of the new players brought in by the f2p model and i am really happy with the game so far.
The Shop itself is pretty messed up at the moment, so is your website, it is impossible to browse the heroes from a mobile device. But that is fine with me, i don’t want to complain about that! :slight_smile:
Buuuut… You really, like it is a 100% necessity, need a extra Shop Page where you can browse Hunter and Monster Perks in general , with all their tooltips, the 3 different stages for Perk lvl 1 to 3 for each separate perk and without the timer going down before the match starts as my only chance to purchase the perks with no way of resetting if i screw up or feel like that was a bad choice.
Players (well, me) need their time to see all the perks, what they do and what percentages they increase what at the final level.

This is really annoying and i hope you can fix this in one of your sooner bigger updates, id appreciate it a lot!

Thanks in advance!


The devs are working on something to remedy this situation. :slight_smile: