Perk Shop Menu


Can we have a perk shop to buy and upgrade perks from the main menu without having to start a game? I would like to have the time to look, analyse and choose which perks I buy/upgrade carefully instead of feeling rushed to do so right before a game is about to start. Maybe even have perk save slots for each character in your profile so I can quickly choose which perks I want when starting a game


Also, can the perk menus be switched or at least given a sort option so unlocked and locked are separated from each other instead of all mixed up? Ideally having unlocked listed first, and maybe even sort them by their current rank.


I was actually very confused at first, I thought they were all locked and I had to start buying them all, and because I was rushed to start a game, I made the mistake of upgrading a tier 1 perk rather than saving my silver keys to buy and upgrade a useful tier 3 perk.

There should be a better way to tell you that these perks are locked other than it being slightly darker and having a small red bar. I dunno, maybe put a padlock infront of the perk’s image?



Great Idea!

I thought it would be in the game from the beginning


Agreed, just makes sense for this to be in the game. Technically you can upgrade your perks without actually playing a game by going to training->hunt and selecting a character, but it would feel much cleaner to simply have an information/upgrade menu from which we can view, purchase, and upgrade perks.


The UI team is working on this for a future update - we’re going to be adding a “PERKS” tab to the player profile.


…totally agree with you!
Thumbs up!


How about adding the ability to scroll through the unlocks for a character we can see what we’ll unlock from leveling and can avoid buying perks that we’ll get naturally?


One of the guys on the UI Team literally just finished adding this. It’ll be in a patch after this week.


Already?! :open_mouth:



That’s how we roll.


Being able to buy perks outside of the character selection screens is in progress and will take longer. But they’re actively working on it!


That definitely seems like the harder thing to do.

Glad to hear the ability scroll through the unlocks will be in soon.

Thanks for the fast reply.



You might have already thought I’d this, but would we be able to click on a perk and see what character we need at what level to unlock it? (As well as it’s stats at each level)