Perk Select Screen Bug [XB]


Not sure who to tag so if someone can do that for me, thanks!

Just joined a match on Defend and I can only see half of the perk selection screen:


That… that looks like a kindergartner took a crayon and erased the screen lol

I haven’t seen that before on XB, it’s weird. Have you used the Issue Reporter as well to send it to TRS?


No I haven’t, never even knew that existed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to do it now then I guess


Yep, it’s relatively new and a way for a bug to go directly to the TRS team.
You can still make Bug threads here and then just provide a link to this thread in the Description section of the Reporter.


This has happened to me a few times on xbox one.


Okay, I put [XB] in the title for now until we can determine if it’s only XB or if other systems have also experienced it.


I submitted the report thing just a second ago too so hopefully TRS can find a solution :smile: