Perk Rundown


Was wondering if someone could give a message, detailed or not, about what perk to use on which Hunters and maybe a breif description why you take what perk, and even maybe a short playstyle description of each class/Hunter. (the playstyle description isnt needed that could take a loing time to type out.)


As i will say to anyone, try them if you can, decide what works for you and use it.

You wanna gotta go fast? Movement speed.

You want to feel like Air Jordan? Jetpack height.

You want to punch like Chuck Norris? Extra damage.

Test and apply to your tastes.


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First and foremost, here’s a topic to look at since you are new:

For the rest, I think the community members should be able to provide their opinion to you and help you out.

I personally like to use the following build on Goliath and Meteor Goliath:

Deadly Brawler: +18% climb speed, +6% traversal regen, +5% damage reduction
Speed climber: +45% climb speed, +14% traversal regen
Plated armor: 16% damage reduction

Total: 63% climb speed, 20% traversal regen and 21% damage reduction

Climb speed helps with roaching hunters, the extra traversal is nice to stay on top of a hunter or get the necessary distance when fleeing a dome. Not to mention that the damage reduction keeps you fighting longer and also makes you lose less health when running away.


appriciate it guys, im only lvl 11 in game and im trying ll the free ones. still getting a feel just wanted to see what perks i could unlock first and lvl up to not waste credits.


I’m also new, and if you play hunter, it might be a good idea to buy gold rank reloader or gold ranked ammo capacity. They’re pretty much useful for any hunter and cannot be unlocked by leveling up any character, so you’re going to have to spend the keys there eventually.


makes sense thanks again