Perk reset?


Hi i bought the t2 and t3 perk on damage reduction and i thought it would give me more than 1 percent per lvl so I tried to max it. It turns out the next lvl of the perk wasnt even much of a difference. like t2 damage reduction goes up by 1% per 2k silver? and t3 damage reduction goes up by 2% then 1%? T3 ea cost at least 5k silver!!

plz do something about this as getting silver is too hard and theres no info regarding what level gives what kind of upgrade. It feels like im getting cheated.


I think it’s alright since they all stack with each other and damage increase is a very powerful perk, even at 5%.

If you pick them all it’s really really strong so it’s understandable why it only increases by a little bit.


hey i was talkign about damage reduction not damage increase


Uh, oops.

I swear I can read.


Either way, it’s a really powerful perk, Damage reduc and Damage increase are both very very powerful perks.


well regardless 5k for 1% seems kind of iffy.