Perk list?


Do we have a perk list? And if we do, will it show something like this?
Perk: Evolved Claw
Melee attacks do 30 DPS for 3 seconds
After upgrading once: Insert info here
After final upgrade: Insert info here


I can get this on Monday. I am the perk overlord along with @LadieAuPair


Can we also have costs of those perks and perhaps alternative unlock listed? Like first upgrade costs this much and can be unlocked by leveling behemoth to lvl 12, second upgrade costs this much and can be unlocked by leveling Kraken to level 22 etc. I know it might be time consuming but right now we are spending keys to unlock some favorite perks just to discover we could have unlocked them by playing our second favorite monster :slight_smile:


I was just asking this earlier today a lot of people want to know especially people on the reddit sub. XD


@Insane_521 do you have this Perk list finished maybe? =)


Here is the wiki on perks:

Some info is still missing though.


Thanks for compiling that. Really wish I’d had this list before I spent 7,000 keys upgrading the reloader perk twice from 10% to 11% to 12%.


At least you only spent 7000. I spent 23000 on useless perks lol.


Thank you for the wiki, but i think an official list with no things missing would be the best, of course for looking in wich perks its good to spend points, and in wich are wasted … wich brings me to:

…you …i feel exactly the same, because i wasted the 7000 keys too for reloader perk 10%, 11% and 12% …

Anybody know the %-advantages for the Slot 3 reloader? Because its not in the wiki yet, and i don’t want to waste my next points there …


Hi. You should check out this guide:



Nice. Too bad they don’t list the level 3 version of Evolved Claw.