Perk indicator


I found one thing a little bit negative about the perks you receive from wildlife. Not the perks itself but the fact as how they show up to the Monster and how they show up to the Hunters.

  1. After looking at an elite wildlife as a monster the indicator often disappears and doesnt return. Sometimes I ate a monster and was like what this one had a perk?! (I doesn’t look at the color that much).
    On the other side the hunters receive a big notification for a perk which is waiting to be picked up. I would like to see something like that for monsters as well, because its sometimes very hard to keep track on these kind of things.

  2. In battle: Hunters get a notification which perk the Monster picked up. When they see "Oh the Monster has a Damage Increase Buff or Cool Down Reduction they may retreat and fight later. The monster doesn’t have these indicators.
    If hunters have for example a Damage Increase Buff you can only notice it by chance if you see your armor drop like crazy.
    A message like the hunters get is not ideal, because there are 4 hunters, but maybe a little icon beside their names like a sword for higher damage or a shield for higher defense would be pretty nice.

I hope you take this into consideration.


I had this issue to. However, I thought it was just the 2 new ‘acid biome maps’. Turns out, I had my map out almost all the time as a Monster and you can’t see HUD indications while it is out. I’m going through my footage to confirm that this was always the case, but it looks, at least early on, that it was.


While I agree that information would be good, you could also have 4 hunters with 4 different perks. That could take up a lot of screen space when combat first happens, which is arguably some of the most important. Not sure how to balance that out.


Yeah I thought about that too, especiall a text like the hunters get would not be ideal.

Assault has Damage Increase
Trapper has Health Regen
Support has Damage Increase
Medic has Movement Speed increase

Thats just too much information. Because of that I had the idea of a very small Icon beside or above the hunters health bar.
And I don’t think it would make it easier for the monster to spot because they glow anyway so a little icon is hopefully not that big of a deal :smiley:


Maybe @MacMan could take a look on this thread. I highly doubt that this wasn’t already in consideration, but maybe got dumped for some reason.


I actually agree on these points, neither of them are a big problem to me, but I too have wanted to know if the hunters had a specific perk… As far as the disappearing icon goes, after a bit I learned the difference in the skin of the albinos and it didnt matter much, but I still like seeing the perk icon above it, it is aesthetically pleasing…


Speaking of which, I wonder why it works this way. I wish I could have my map up and still see map pings and whatnot.


Yeah I had my map out almost all the time, too. But I don’t think it should hide the icons just because I like to know where I am. :smiley:


I also like using the map, however they decided early on they didn’t want people to rely on a minimap all the time. They want people to be watching the game/screen etc…


Well, the lack of pings and directional indicators isn’t a game breaker, so they didn’t really succeed in that. I use the map constantly while tracking the monster. Only bring it down for a split second to check those pings and other icon indicators like perks. If they don’t want us using the map all the time why did they allow us to toggle it on without having to hold down the key?


It’s tactical. Open your map and your focus is on the map, not what is in front of you. It works from a gaming standpoint as well as a realistic point.


Yeah I understand what you’re saying, but the fact you can toggle it on implies they intend you to “leave it up” while you are running around doing other things.


Toggle for the map seems easier to manage then a press to hold while moving.


So, you’re agreeing with me. They want to make it easy to use the map for more than just a second while on the move… I feel like we’re talking circles now. I’ll drop it.


If I might also add something, I kind of wish that the perk icon was more representative of what the perk does, and not what animal you killed to get it. Yeah, after I play a bit more and memorize what has what, it won’t be as much of an issue, but it would still be nice to just look up the upper right and see exactly what I’ve got.


I understand that, I personally am the other way, I like the picture rather than something more descriptive.


At least it tells you when you pick it up so you just have to keep that in mind :smiley: