Perk for Valerie?


What would you recommend? I think she’s pretty bad in any case but I’m trying to get the mastery stuff and well, gotta get it somtimes. I was thinking reload speed for med gun and the slow ass Sniper but since she can only heal herself with the burst, I considered damage reduction or health regen too. Any advice?


I usaly go with Health Regen so I can consentrate on keeping my teamates HP up and use the Burst for emergencies.


Quick swap is really good because she’s a more offensive combatant than a raw healing medic. You can crit, tranq, and work on topping off allies in a quick succession.


I usually go with either quick switch, regen, or jetpack recharge. Quick switch is my favorite since it allows you to cycle through all her equipment to get the most out of it.


I generally use Quick Switch- it lets me tranq, put in a softspot and heal in like two seconds.


Reload speeds up heal burst for both you and your teams


Heal Regen for the absolute win!

as a second choice I like to use Quick Switch.


Old topic I know, but I’m wondering the same thing. Haven’t had a lot of Val experience and this thread was pre patch. @MidnightRoses , what do you use these days? I know you rep Val pretty hard


Still using Quick Switch. Absolutely invaluable.


Thanks for the update =) I’ll give it a go


reload speed no questions asked