Perk Caps/Limits


First of all, apologies for not posting this elsewhere. Unsure where this would go.

I posted this in Reddit but got little to no traction there, primarily as it’s full of new players I believe (I’m pretty new myself!) and I just was curious if anyone knew the answer.

What are the caps for certain perks? Are there ones?


Perks can be upgraded three times. I don’t think really anyone knows the exact cap for many of the perks since it’s still a new system and it takes a long time to gather the keys required.


The only currently known perk to have a limit is the health regen, which caps out on 60hps.
This might be a bug because TRS have said in the past they want to avoid inconsistencies and having just one perk deviating from the norm without clearly saying stating so is rather odd.


I’ve heard that people think that Jetpack Recharge perks have a cap as well but no one knows the hard number.