Perk Buff: Damage perk also increases healing done


Just something that crossed my mind while playing and all the buff Val, OP here and there talk on the forums. Yeah pretty simple, the damage perk also increase healing done. I think this wouldn’t explode balance, since you would have to put aside other desireable mods to gain the healing+ Let me think this through…

  • Healing Burst would have a slightly higher healing rate, it is not much but could make the difference. Highly situational.

  • Val, she would also receive a lightly stronger heal due to that, but would have to give up the (imo) crucial jetpack recharge.

  • Caira, would have to set aside the capacity perk for instance.

  • Lazi, i think this extra to the perk would be not very desireable for him, but at least it would boost his only direct healing ability while also giving him a damage bonus.

In general i like the idea of making the perks crossover with other areas, like in this case damage/healing, to make them more interesting in general.