Perk and Unlock Chart


Hello TRS Team and Community,

i am new in this forum so if this thread already exists or if it belongs somewhere else, please just tell me.

My Request: Although we are in Beta right now, i would LOVE to have some sort of Chart or Picture where you can see what you have to do or accomplish to unlock the perks. Right now, as far as i know, i gotta click trough every Charakter in the menu and scroll down the Progression list to see what i will unlock and when. Would it be possible to create some sort of Chart to make it easier for everyone ? Level 6 Markov=XXXPerk Level 17 Kala =XXX Perk and so on. Or am i just missing something ? Please do tell if thats the case :slight_smile:

Loving Stage 2 so far :slight_smile: had 60 hours in Vanilla Evolve and now around 20 or so in Stage 2. Keep up the great work ! I am very happy that the game got reborn :slight_smile:


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These is a pretty simple suggestion that seems like it would be recieved really well. And as far as I can see, no one had suggested this before. It does seem pretty annoying to have to go to characters and scroll through their unlocks to find the perks.


This was the exact thing i wanted when i started.+1000 for me


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That said, I know exactly what you mean and I have been using this Steam guide a lot:

If you scroll lower you’ll see what perk every character unlocks and at what level.


This is something that the UI team are actively working on right now !


Awesome :slight_smile: I didnt see it. Thank you for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Oh okay thx. ill use it until something else is available :slight_smile:


No problem!
They also just released this Trello board to the public yesterday if you want a more updated version of the Roadmap topic.