Perhaps Evolve 2 is going to be 4v2


I got this idea because the Evol V E Logo indicates the 4v1 character. So Evovle2 might be Evol V Ex2, 4 v 2

(Yes I know there is already too many Evolve 2 threads but I just wanted to share this sudden idea of mine)


That sounds so unbalanced though. More sensible would be monster vs monster. Maybe with hunters too?
That would make it a 3-sided game.


There isn’t going to be an Evolve 2. At least not for a very long time.

People need to stop mentioning it.

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Yes, they were very clever with the logo. That does not mean they would create something so impossible to balance as a 4 v 2 in Evolve 2. Which will not happen any time in the near future.


Watch out, soon all of the people that hate whenever anyone talks about an evolve 2 will show up.

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It’s entirely acceptable that people can imagine what Evolve if it was built on different mechanics, aka a hypothetical Evolve 2.

However, naming the thread “Evolve 2 is going to be 4v2” is not a fact and should not be portrayed as such.

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Really? Because when I first saw this game my first thought was literally “4v1, wow how will they balance this for pubs?”

And here we are.


4v1 can be balanced, and I agree 4v2 could’ve been done if it had been that way since the beginning, but they’d have to majorly nerf the monsters to balance this and I don’t think they want to scratch start either.


Well it would be a totally different game…

Its harder to balance a team vs 1 person than a team vs a team, at least in my opinion.


I beg to differ, as team versus one big guy has been done before but two big guys seems ridiculous unless they really want to nerf the monsters by turning them into glorified crowbill sloths.


A team requires coordination and communication, one guy does not. That’s where the major imbalance comes in, because nobody is ever going to change the way people in public play behave.


Well I imagine it really interesting when 1 monster evolves (for a longer time than now like 1 minute) while the other one tries to distract the hunters.




We would need some seriously jacked up hunters to take on two monsters.

What I would like to see if they decide to make a second game would be player customization. Like you can pick your weapon and then decide if you want it to shoot hard and slow or be fast but not very powerful and things like that.

Like you could make your rail gun do insane damage but the reload times would be abysmal, but the monster can see hunter stats before the match so they know what they are getting into, kind of like how we know how each hunter works now but more transparent as you couldn’t tell otherwise with that mode.


Absolutely not. This would kill the whole idea.


But they haven’t finished Evolve 1 yet…


But why? People can dream and speculate. There’s never going to be a Half Life 3, but everyone speculates about that.

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Dear god no, imagine being balanced around having a teammate and then running MM solo… shudder


I think Evolve 2 is way off and would prefer that they expanded Evolve’s roster quite a bit more before considering moving on, but 4v2 is not nearly as impossible as the comments here make it out to be. You’re imagining that they take the stats, mechanics of this game and take them over. It’s a new game, completely fresh numbers. Might even be new equipment and skills. Different win cons. If it was 4v2 there’s no way in hell it’d be anything like current Evolve number wise and seems perfectly reasonable to think about. If we were introducing 4v2 to THIS Evolve it would be a different story, but the suggestion is for a new game.


HL3 and… Ugh… Evolve 2 are two completely different examples.