Performance seems worse since the alpha


Admittedly I’m not working with a very high-performance machine, but I was able to play the Big Alpha on “low” settings at full resolution (1920x1080) without any major hiccups. Now during the beta, the video sections stutter and the audio lags behind, sometimes skipping entirely. I got input latency of almost a full second in-game. I turned down the resolution and surprisingly the in-game rendering was smoother than the video playback, but still with some major input latency.

I love the game and wish you guys all the best, but if this is how the game is going to run all of a sudden, I’m not going to be purchasing this game in the foreseeable future.

Edited for specs:

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M
CPU: Intel Core i7-4700HQ @ 2.4GHz
Memory: 16GB
OS: Windows 8


Post your specs.


Updated the main post.


Also need OS.


same lol, could run medium on alpha with 30 fps and low on 40 fps, now im at around 23-27 with low and 28-32 medium

my spec
ntel® Core™ I7-4770 CPU @ 3,40GHZ
Ram: 8GB
GFX card: Nividia Geforce GTX 650


Updated again.


As a heads up your GPU is pretty close to min. required.


Hmmm… Not too sure. It’s possible that the video integration isn’t working well. Try turning settings to medium. Some people are having better FPS on med than low.


That would be very strange, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.


Well, i am also having problems as well, unlike the big alpha i crash regularly in-between 4 minutes >_<


I am on a gtx 760 MSI TF OC
I get like 28 FPS it’s horrid. If the game is just not optimized they need to fix it asap, if it’s my GPU then the system requirements might be a bit too high, they will need to add some lower than low graphic options for it to be playable for more people…


Hey i have a gt 630, it worked xD


Just tested on medium settings, no dice. I’m calling it quits unless I hear they’re doing something about this.


How odd this all is.


It seems odd that it runs worse for you than it did in the beta, given all the optimizations the team has done, but thanks for letting us know.



No problem, i hope the bug i have will be fixed on release.


The only cure for the bug I got, is more cowbell.


I still need to run it on low myself.

i7 950 3.06 Ghz
GTX 770
Windows 7 64-bit


Yeah but at least u can play the beta…


How is it running for you Slewey?