Performance issues - update 2.04

i updated my evolve and i tried to play but it was soo crapy performance. i played on high graphic settings and it was ok now even in lowest settings i don’t have smoth gameplay :cry:

Hi @Nefarian

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing performance issues.

How about we try some troubleshooting steps first and see whether the issue still occurs?

Let us know if it helped or not!

nope, nothing changed

You tried everything already? There’s a lot of stuff to go through not to mention that posting anything that could help us visualize the issue would also be definitely appreciated.

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i have only one problem that’s it no language issues or directX this is updated, every thing that could help me in that topic i checked

i can run game serch players but when i am in dropship lockers are lilke blobs i lowered graphics so it’s less beutifull but it’s soo low on fps

What are your specs?

intel core i5 4210u 1.7ghz 2.40ghz
8gb ram
nvidia geforce 840m 2gb
windows 8.1 64bit
it’s acer aspire e 15

evolve runned pretty good


Looking at your system specs, I believe that your system is below the minimum requirements to play it “optimally”.
If you look at the Steam page, it lists a GTX 560 as the minimum graphic card to handle Evolve.

Instead, your graphic card performs 106% worse than a GTX 560:

I’m afraid there isn’t much that can be done other than to have a better system to see any improvement.

wait, wait, wait, halt then why when i tunned up graphics to maximum it still worked but it was a litle bit to lo on fps like 2 or 3 so choosed more smooth gameplay and lowered some graphic.

If anything, looking at your specs, to play the game as smooth as possible you will need to play it at a low resolution of 800x600 with every graphic setting to Low.

If you are still experiencing performance issues, then it is because your system cannot handle the game optimally.

are you even listening i play on 1366x768 resolution nearly on maximum graphics

If you don’t want help, then don’t ask for it. Don’t insult people trying to give you a hand. If a dev has anything to offer they can still respond to this thread.


He’s not Steam tech support. He’s just trying to help you with your issue so we can get you online and playing.

There’s no need to cop an attitude with someone who’s trying to help you.