Performance issue

Why the game stutters so often after the update, anyone experiencing this

My buddy’s game has been…well here is what he sent me on Steam post EG update…

’ Depends on if I tried to play monster or hunter. If I tried to play monster, I’d see the monster model in its default pose, hear buckets random lines, and the screen would be flashing heavily the whole time. I would be able to move and stuff, but the image on the screen would never change. If I played hunter, the screen would stay black, I’d hear buckets line, and I’d see a light float in front of the camera. Would never hear the dropship lines. Screen would also stay black, though I could again still move and stuff. Just not see.’

It should be noted that he is using a 1070 and did not have ANY problems prior to this update. He even reinstalled the game completely and reinstalled his OS on top of that.

EDIT: He does not have graphical issues with the plethora of other games we play or his monitors during normal computing. Overwatch (modern game) being one.

Hi there, we have a solution for flickering screens in our self-tech forum post:

This might also resolve the issue you are having with stutters, so be sure to give it a try and to report back with any info you gathered as it will help to identify the issue.

Sent him the link. Will update with results.

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Yes, i also hear bucket random line.

I think it’s playing evacuation lines. He even does this in my games…he will go one about the fusion core blowing up and radiation, or colonists joining our team, drones we receive from some company, etc.

No worries guys, that is actually a known bug that will be fixed in the future :slight_smile:

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Hah thanks, I’m at work so I haven’t been able to go through all the forum posts :<

What ended up fixing him was changing his anti-alias setting to SMAA. It looks like he is good to go now.

Thanks for the help!

What setting he is using for the anti aliasing