Perfecting Parnell


I have decided to try and get three stars for all of Parnell’s weapons and abilities, if anyone has tips and tricks on how I can speed up the process, please feel free to tell me how.


Play defend in solo
Pick any map
Have monster be Goliath.
Goliath will always search for food when low.
He rarely will attack, so it is easy farm.


because Parnell player


Second thought, why not behemoth? His weak spot is in his stomach but it counts as headshot damage, have him charge his tongue grab or lava spit and you get free damage on that squishy chest


Ah, but it’s not concealed if you get a buddy to play behe for you :3
…I would, but I dont have Behe. :confused:


Defend solo, or get in a premade with friends to grind out masteries, just remember to get in the monsters face often


Your probably right. Behemoth is an easier target.


Parnell is like one of the few characters I would strongly discourage elite farming with.

Parnell is the kind of Assault you absolutely have to master in order to deal his iconically high damage bursts.
If you don’t master Parnell your team will be stuck with an Assault doing lackluster damage.

You need to master Parnell if you don’t want to be a huge disappointment to your team. Parnell is especially great in team setups that include Val, Laz or Cabot. They’ll be sad when they found out they picked a specific character to help you out only to find out you’re hardly as good with Parnell as your elite icon made them think you are.

Learn to properly aim headshots on actual, unpredictable, non-scripted player Monsters. Learn the right amount of distance for your Rocket Launcher to lead a target with for maximum damage. Learn when to pop Supersoldier and more importantly, when to save it.
You don’t want to farm Parnell. You want to actually be good at him. There’s no way to get good at Parnell other than actual, skillful training against actual Monsters that don’t intend to lose.


You make a very good point, so I try to go for days or weeks of practice with particular characters, see who I like, and then use them as much as possible, besides, I’m one of those guys that will run into open combat and not worry about my damage taken. In the times that I have used Parnell, I always would concentrate on my shots and take the shots at the right time, mostly when I know it will be a shot worth while. Another thing is that in many other games, shotguns and rocket launchers were the weapons that appealed to me, damage means everything to me above speed, stamina, and health. I do also make sure Cabot is the Support of the team or at least Sunny.


For the record, there are very few characters in games that I can’t hold the reins on. Parnell was no different than anyone else.


Unless you’re on PC just use aim assist spam. You’ll find your Parnell will do 2-3 thousand more damage a match. With rockets I cant help ya there lol try to supersoldier with a full clip to maximize the damage. Ive tested and letting the shotgun reload does more damage than switching to rockets then back. 2.5 clips of shotgun can be used when running capacity