Perfect Song for Torvald?


Anyone think this is the perfect song for Torvald?


Bit too heavy for me ^^

I occasionally start up my all time favorite with Torvald to get in the mood and bring the pain. Seems to increase my accuracy with those mortars by about 20% I’d say.


This song was made for Torvald in a stage 1 hunt… The only song available for a person half dead, getting ready to drag a Stage 1 monster down with him.

Hells Bells


AC/DC has a few songs that for him very well. Like Big Gun and Thunderstruck, even Back in Black when you consider what happened to him.


Those two were on the youtube playlist… didn’t stick around enough to listen to them. I’m just familiar with this one, and thought it appropriate. It sounds WAY better with a good sound system though.



Ah, I’m on my phone, :stuck_out_tongue:
Couldn’t listen to it all, sorry about that.


For those at work and are unable to link videos:
Happy Together by The Turtles.


No need to apologize, I’ll look them up later :smile:


On a scale to 1-5