Perfect Idea for New Matchmaking


I always casted off consistent no mic’ers as little sh*t fer brains who ruined games such as Evolve. But a couple games vs a few elite only no mic’er teams completely changed my perception of them. It’s been a long time coming that I would lose playing as monster or win by the skin of my teeth.

So it got me wondering gee whiz, if only all no mic’ers could play like that, it’d be amazing!

Then it dawned on me

Why not make a game mode for elites only?

Sure it may sound like a subjective way to determine skill but it makes PERFECT SENSE. These are characters that people took the time and effort to get these incredibly annoying masteries, at times, up to max. Sure some of it could be done in solo but the fact remains that time and effort was done to get those shiny little deserving crowns at the bottom left hand area.

Gives people more reason to have faith in a teammate that isn’t using a mic.


wouldnt change anything


But it’s a step in the right direction, like the prestige only matchmaking Cods have implemented.


So the people who farm masteries in solo with friends can play together, while the people who actually know how to play their characters slowly elite and not play that mode? What could possibly go wrong?


what @Shin said.

we need a real ranked like csgo got.


I’m not familiar with PC gaming, what do they have implemented?


I’m slightly confused, please elaborate.


You go into solo match with 1 other friend. That friend sits there, and lets you do whatever you need to them; this allows for masteries to be farmed for.

Most players in Evolve with elite hunters/monsters, farmed them out of multiplayer.

This means that most of the people who have elites, don’t know how to play their character.

So basically you want a mode, with people who grind out their masteries alone, rather than play legitimately.

So by doing this, you’re splitting up an already small community. So I ask again, what could possibly go wrong?


i bet we got not enought ppl for those different league things.

so we could just make it like wow does for arena.

with a matchmakingranking.

everyone starts at 1500. and for winning u get points and for losing u lose some

while the system trys to match u up with ppl on ure own mmr.

when ure on 2200 its trying to give u ppl arround 2100-2300

if u lose vs lower ranked ppl u lose more points/win vs higher u get more points.

i dont rly like this system but that would work the best for a lower playercount i guess


I wholeheartedly disagree. Most people I know literally FARMED their elites in solo mode and Evacuation, while I’m still stuck 2 2x teammate revives away from eliting Maggie because I only play hunt and can’t(won’t) farm the elite on rescue.

For now I have elited Markov,Hyde,Parnell,Bucket,Hank,Caira and Griffin, and it took me a lot more time and effort to reach that status in hunt games only.

Elite skin doesn’t mean a thing. Often I played with people using elite skins and they really had no idea what they were doing. One of the best must have been elite Maggie who failed to dome a tranq’d Goliath that was EVOLVING IN A CORNER. She threw the dome, blocking the team from dealing damage to the evolving monster and had to go to the edge of the dome herself to notice the HIGHLIGHTED monster before she took the dome down.

Or an elite Torvald who turned the personal shield on every time the monster was in the vicinity, like he thought the shield worked like “super soldier”

I could go on. Elite means nothing and elite only matches would change nothing other than the level of rage of actual good players who’d have to suffer playing with “elite” cretins, wondering how someone who managed to elite a character could play so poorly.


Remove the sh*tty sarcasm next time. Wasn’t much reason to reiterate that part.

Wow, never knew people went at it THAT hard. The only things I farmed on solo was hanks final orbital, Val’s final darts, Parnell’s final everything, and alittle bit of behemoth because I needed only one more tongue grab and didn’t feel like playing him one more time online for it.


I am naturally sarcastic, and I don’t know you. I didn’t realize you had authority to issue commands to me.

My statement stays the same, as it is relevant to the thread. If you don’t enjoy what it says, or how it was worded, you can ignore it.


I could say the same. I don’t know you, or make the assumption that being “naturally” sarcastic is a part of you. I don’t need authority to remind someone not to make sh*tty side remarks is all. The rest of the statement did better me help me to understand your original comment so I thank you for that,


I made no “shitty remarks”. The sarcasm makes you think, even if you don’t enjoy it.

Answer the question to yourself, and you will understand where I stand on the matter.


Really it makes me think now? To me, everything you wrote earlier clearly explained your point fine, upon which you asked me to wonder what could possibly go wr-…

(literally realizing as I type now)

Hey my bad mate, that was alittle uncalled of me from before…



Yeah Evolve really does need a ranking system like csgo. I really am hoping when we get the ranked game mode it will close to how csgo does it.


Because 90% of the “elite” players I see are complete idiots and got their elites through custom grinding.

No seriously, they all suck.