People to play with (PC)

Hi im looking for people to play with i play assault and i just hit bronze destroyer but i think i could better if i had more coordinated team mates add me if you want to play

Ps: ban was in dota :frowning:

Naughty naughty! What was that for?
(Editing the title and putting this thread in the right place btw)


I can see you’re new here welcome to the forum :smile:

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Changed category to ‘looking for group’. Hope you don’t mind.

Edit: Welcome to the forums by the way. :smile:


ty :slightly_smiling:

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Oops I accidentally changed your edit, my apologies . Changed it back :smile:

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Techies lol :frowning:

No worries. We were all eager for the edit then. :smile:

No way! You scripted with techies? D:

I saw everyone doing it tried it and got banned xd

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You play with me :frowning:

I don’t play much dota these days, and as for evolve well, it’s currently 1:40am over here in Sweden. :stuck_out_tongue:

That ban tho… Tsk Tsk welcome to le forums

alright :slightly_smiling:

why comment that if u dont want to play…

Whoa… That’s a bit aggressive good sir, was simply welcoming you.

sorry a bit upset with no one to play with and solo qing is crap :frowning: <3

I’ll play more when PC is not ass, but adding now for posterity. :thumbsup:

I’m so happy to read this post. I am so sick of playing with PUBs that I’m about done with this game again. If I can get a group of people to play with I would be so happy.

I tend to play Support, Assault and I’m beginning to play Trapper. (Still trying to figure out which trapper I like best)

My steam name is Snuggles The Conqueror. I’ll be online tonight after 6 pm EST tonight.