People to play beta with(PC)


I just want a full hunter team and maybe some sort of team


If you’re in Australia I’d be willing to play with you.

You might want to consider recategorising your topic as ‘looking for group’


hahah didn’t see that but no i am American(east coast)


Little lacking in information, but click my profile and feel free to add me on Steam, if you want.


Also try this topic, could be helpfull :smile:

What's your device? Choose it!


There was a evolve ts for the alpha, you might wanna give it a try and join there for the beta. It was great fun :D.

Here is the IP:


I am ready to team up too, I’m european, Monster player most of the time, or medic.


If you are looking for a good Group of PC players, sign up for the private forum group here: Evolve Forum's Private Steam Group

Lots of beta stuff will be happening here, and you can pretty much guarantee good teammates. Just message me or post in the thread for an invite!


If you’re still looking for people to play with check out We have a large Team speak and forum community with lots of players.