People saying "Op"


Is it just me or do people watch one match and say “Omg so Op needs nerf” Anything that is different or unique all you get is people saying it’s overpowered. Soon as wraith came out first comments were “She looks OP”


It happens a lot.


Yeah a lot of people do that when something new comes out about the game, like Lazarus, the Kraken and now the Wraith, soon those rumours are quickly denied though once they see them in action or actually play the characters for themselves.


This is then rapidly followed by " omg underpowered please buff ". It’s the cycle of life - OP, UP, unloved, accepted.


Yeah people will say that but truly they don’t understand anything so at this point i dont care, they can think what they want to think


I just want to shove the thread telemetry and game balance in their face so they can eat their words. Because those are the facts


I think some are being serious. but most are saying it as a trend. thats a huge trend to call something op because it won that round. being up 10 kills doesnt mean that strat is op. that player played it very well thats it. i even say it haha its a funny thing to say.


People have no idea what they are talking about.



And you haven’t seen pro trolls work with that yet.


You have to understand, the Wraith, the Kraken, @SlinkyGuy, and harpoons are all overpowered, but then again, so is everything else so it all evens out :wink:


Wait whut? :fearful:


@GentlemanSquirl is OP just ask anyone whose played against him. My point is players are OP and if anything in Evolve truly is the devs will fix it, like alpha lightning strike.


Well face it, you are a robot, you can have 10 guns (each turret has 2 if I recall) and a rocket launcher, and you can survive decapitation. That seems pretty op to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say the vortex was a bit OP, but I never faced Kraken in the alpha so I can’t say. I know it was slightly nerfed for the beta though


Yup that’s what I was referring to. Level 3 lighting strike could almost one shot a Hunter. Now it’s closer to half I think.


Key to dodging a lightning strike is learning the time for the charge and then dash at the last second. From what I understand, the lightning can’t keep up. Also, if you are close to the kraken, just run underneath/behind it. Should be unable to turn the strike fast enough to hit you


People saying things are OP are OP


The hitbox for Vortex was reduced from the Alpha. You could be a decent bit away from it and it’d still hit you.


I disagree. In the Big Alpha a 15% damage perk Lightning Strike was roughly 55%. I know this because a 2 strike Hunter wouldn’t go down if they were topped off. I do agree that the ‘mouse aiming’ was WAY too high. You had like no chance of dodging it before the aiming nerf which was needed.