People say Laz isn't Toxic? I beg to differ with this vid


As long as Laz is able to rez people in this manner, he will always be a broken, toxic character. I am relentlessly attacking this Laz, and you can SEE his health taking damage when he rezed Markov. This happened a few times throughout the match, and it drives me absolutely up the wall.




Well he is getting a pretty big change soon, so we can only hope it makes him a less toxic character to play with.


(4-6 months if you missed that)


2 months. Summer quota starts in May.


is that how long they said? because no I didn’t know that. I was hoping within the next 2 months.


Summer starts in june if I am not mistaken O.o and it hasnt been confirmed that patch will come exactly at start of summer.

Edit : ok I am mistaken derp
Edit 2 : or was i right? Need to google gimme a sec
Edit 3 : i wus right :smile:


Very true if i see a laz or a wraith i just leave the game (ps. your playing gorgon? thats part of the problem)


No. That is not part of the problem. It happens with other monsters I’ve used too. This is just the first time I’ve bothered posting a video. The problem is with the game mechanic, not my choice of monster.


True but gorgon isnt really made to focus down 1 target like that also the acid and many of its attacks doesn’t cancel the animation


As far as I know, there’s 4 quotas. Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring. Each being three months. Summer starts at May and ends at the end of July. Then fall goes to the end of October. Then winter goes to the end of January. Then Spring goes till the end of April.


I’m aware of the fact acid and web don’t do knock back to cancel a rez. But that’s not what I was doing in this vid. I was physically hitting Laz. Again, not a question of my choice of monster or strategy. It’s the game mechanic.


Maybe it differs from continent to continent? But I doubt


I saw websnare bring down his heatlth. Not the melee you needed to hit. (Meaning the swing with the left hand) just my take. Usually the issue is the wind up for the heavy melees.


It does. I also don’t think quotas follow the seasons to the DOT.


Now that is reasonable. But why are my melees not connecting them. I was clearly hitting him. Either way. It’s causing an issue.


Look on the bright side only a few more months of this to go lol


Web snare will stop the animation. I do it all the time. It has knockback so it will stop a lazarus from rezzing but it doesn’t knock him back very far so you have to get in and hit him with melee quickly otherwise the precious second or two you bought with web snare will be almost meaningless. If he does get the rez you now know where he is and web snare makes it really hard to avoid being focused so laz should be your priority target at that point


I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. I mean the DOT doesn’t stop him from rezzing. I am aware of the impact stopping him though. Thanks for pointing that out.


Ya got me there lol. It looked to be in range. But I miss harpoons I think should have been broken too (shrugs) better luck next match man!!