People Quiting Because They Didn't Get What They Want

I’ve been trying to play Evolve for awhile. Here is what tends to happen.

  1. Searching for hunters.
  2. Choosing Your Class
  3. One person doesn’t click their class preference fast enough and didn’t get it. They then fold their arms and pout until the timer runs out.
  4. “One or more player did not choose their class”
  5. Restart process at Step 1

It’s really unfortunate that people are such divas when it comes to their hunter class. It makes playing the game impossible.

Can this problem be solved? Or is it just a side effect of the game not possessing a deep player base to pull hunters from?


Play with a premade.
I know its not the greatest solution but ayy its something right?

Also, I think Macman said theyre gonna be tweaking some things to make sure instances like this don’t occur as often, but, I could be crazy so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I honestly feel as though if every person but one has chosen their role, the person who doesn’t want to select that class should be forced into it that way the game can at least start. If they leave, that’s fine, someone else can swap to and from that class throughout the game. I know I have played many games one or two people down.


The worst is when someone picks “no preference” and someone has is class set to trapper only for the other guy to take it even though he has no preference…


i have seen a few people get their preference and still leave… makes no sense.
of course theres so few ppl playing that they rejoin your game again, with the same bs result >.>

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I cruise with no preference and wait for everyone to choose their stuff. I’m the clean up guy.


I have no preference selected, but if someone doesn’t choose something after a few seconds, I choose whatever I please, even if someone else says they prefer it. You snooze, you lose.

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I think I’m going to follow that route.

I personally would leave if I got stuck with medic. I’m a terrible medic, and the only thing that will come of me staying is grief. We will most likely lose because I am terrible at that role and then everyone will cry to me about it being my fault… Yeaaaa, no.

Yeah this is one of the worst aspects (granted I’ve looked away and missed the select on accident but never out of pouting). I usually set my preference but if someone else gets my choice oh well. Or I’ll wait to see what the other hunters prefer and not select a class for a few moments. If they don’t select one or don’t select their preference I take it up. I have at least 1-2 good characters in each class and sometimes I may not feel like being trapper even if preferences say it.

I completely agree, only way to for sure solve this is to get 3 other friends. BTW it helps with communication anyway. Don’t have to deal with a medic that doesn’t heal or a support that doesn’t “support”. But if you feel like playing with randoms and getting mad at the devs for it, then go right ahead :smiley:

About quiting, I don’t know but in most my hunts as monster someone usually quits (maybe DC?) even before first confrontation.

About not picking role. Yeah, it also happens often to me. But personally I would prefer that player how dont want to play trapper quit and find another one. Cause if he will miss every dome…

TRS said that in ranked you will be queued for the role you want. But it is not true. Only role is monster or hunter. But if u wanna be medic you still have to trade it with teammates or “who’s faster to click”. When finding players can take so much time some folks just afk and can miss their chance to pick classes. I want be X and game will find team where X is needed is not possible with that small playerbase. There might be not enough supports at a time or too much assaults.

A single bot is a massive crutch against a good monster.

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I always get my role. I apparently have the fastest click this side of the Mississippi River. I only ever back out when I see that the monster or the team I am about to face is like ungodly good and I don’t feel like getting my teeth pushed in but that rarely happens.

Ideally playing with friends is the best scenario. However, my friends have all abandoned Evolve long ago.

I’m not really blaming the devs for this. I’m blaming all the players who don’t pick and therefore don’t allow anyone to play. I am however, acknowledging that the players will not change and hoping the Devs fix this before washing their hands of Evolve and going on to their next game.

had a time where i was the only one who wanted trapper and I got it.
and the other 3 wanted 1 of each of the classes so it should have been easy.
nope the guy that wanted assault took medic the support got support and the guy who wanted medic quit.
and the endless cycle continues

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I do the same thing until I get tired of playing medic.

I usually don’t have to worry about that since at least one teammate quits after the game X)

Im at a 40 minute wait time because of this. People constantly leaving. Or not picking

Ya snuse ya luse