People moaning about p2w made the behemoth terrible


Hello! i’m going to throw a rock at you in about a minute, so go ahead and get out of the way.

it’s okay, just walk sedately, there’s plenty of time

oh, you’re chasing after me, i see. i’ll just brush extremely lightly against a bush and waste half of my traversal stamina getting up to speed, not that it matters, because once i run out of stamina i’m almost as fast as bucket’s turrets.

but seriously, is the only way to win as behemoth just to spam most of the abilities other than tongue grab in a tunnel and hope rock wall holds hunters up for long enough for you to flee from a dome?

even then you take the entire tunnel up so the hunters don’t need to ever aim to hit you. maggie can just spray and hit with her entire magazine, and what does the behemoth get in return? as far as i can see, a nuke in the face and the ability to get up to 30kmh for a fleeting moment before something bugs you out of the rolling animation, or you randomly start climbing a wall.


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