People just don't understand the damage potential of this big guy


Behemoth, when used right, is the biggest challenge. I beat a hunter team in 15 seconds, maybe not even that. Just played a game on Weather Control, got to stage three, didn’t even see the hunters until I got to the power relay. Once there, I proceeded to put the whole team between a rock wall and I, spammed Lava Bomb and fissure until I won. Wow was that satisfying, and in my opinion, not underpowered at all. Just a wee bit of a sponge, but makes up for it in raw damage potential


Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!


I applaud your pun, sir


I could see them reducing his weakpoint damage to 1.5x but that’s about it. Currently if played correctly he can destroy an entire team in around 15-20 seconds. The better teams will take around 40-60 seconds, but you can generally wipe a team in a single dome even at stage 1.


Hey everyone, let’s keep Behemoth discussions in the main thread: 2.0 & 2.0.1 BEHEMOTH Discussion!

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