People give up too quick and being rude


Okay, so I just wanted to write about this because for me it feels like it’s making everyone hate on eachother and it makes the game loose people - when everyone complain about everything everytime. Just because you had a bad game and screw up you don’t have to call every single thing OP/send the opponent a rude message or just being a dickbag. It makes you such a bad looser and seriously when I face those players they completely disgraces themselves, super embarrassing. Yes I am a Kraken player as you might have seen in my profile or maybe you have played against me, who knows. And just because I use that monster people will be like: ‘‘Haha easy win monster, fucking noob’’. Well thank you but no I prefer that monster because he is FUN. Not because he is OP as everyone says. Even if they would nerf Kraken to hell I would STILL use him because I enjoy him and his moves. And another thing I noticed is that good hunter teams and good monsters just cannot take a loss, they are probably the ones who rages the most because they think they’re too good. Just take a look at what all of the whining did to Wraith and Slim, I feel so sorry for the Wraith/Slim players, they are useless now thank’s to that. I hope they will fix them both so people can enjoy their favourites again. I would love to hear your opinions aswell if you have any. Thank you.


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