People Getting the Wrong Idea About DLC?


Hello all, I’ve been around here for a little while and also been following the game’s progress on other sites. There seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding of the way the DLC will work. Lots of people seem to think that the pre-order bonus is Day One DLC, and that the maps and characters will fracture the community despite very clear intentions to avoid such a fracture by Turtle Rock here. It occurred to me that there really are not a lot of public articles explaining how the DLC will work, almost all of that information is buried in forum topics that people have to search for. While it shouldn’t be that much of an issue for people to look up that info, I still think it might be beneficial to make some sort of announcement through IGN or something detailing the DLC model as has been done here. Even a sticky on the Steam forums or something, just something to get people informed. I would hate for people to miss out on Evolve because they believed things that simply weren’t true. Not trying to tell TRS how to handle their PR, of course, just making a suggestion.


I like the idea of making it a sticky thread, and also maybe adding that information to the official web page under FAQ or something.


Didn’t we have a DLC thread at one point?


Yea we have a DLC FAQ made by a community member and he responds to most questions. :slight_smile: …i’m not searching it tho hehe


DLC Buyers Anonymous (A DLC FAQ)