People flagging posts has become a serious problem


Ok, so I don’t exactly enjoy making threads about negative topics, but I really think that this is an issue on the forums that needs to be addressed. People flagging a post simply because they disagree with the person’s opinion.

If someone isn’t breaking any rules, being overly negative, or offensive to you, but has an opinion that you disagree with, don’t flag the post. Respond to it with a reasonable argument if you feel the need, but censoring someone because they have a different opinion is quite frankly an abuse of the flag button.

It’s there for a reason, and that reason is not because someone disagrees with you. I’ve had numerous posts taken down, and even an automated temporary ban simply because I made posts about an opinion that I had that wasn’t very popular. None of these posts were offensive or obscene in any way whatsoever.

I’m not asking forum mods to change anything, just simply asking the community as a whole to not censor people that haven’t done anything wrong.


I think Off-Topic would be a better category as this does not explicitly pertain to Evolve. :smile:

Eh, I have seen some things that were flagged for no reason I would say. Not enough to notice as much though.


I haven’t really noticed anything?


The mods have to confirm the flags; they can reject flags and move on.

If for whatever reason they agree with the person who is flagging the post, they will take action. What you did was somehow against community guidelines so the mods had to step in.

Refer to community guidelines for more information.

#Be agreeable, even if you disagree

@ToiletWraith @TheMountainThatRoars I don’t think that this topic is needed.


Flagging a post does nothing. All it does is brings a Moderator/Leader to the post so they can pass judgement. If that Mod/Leader seems to agree that it is:

  • Off-Topic

  • Inappropriate

  • Spam


  • Something Else (doesn’t follow community guidelines)

Then the Mod/Leader will block the post. It may be visible again if it is edited but otherwise it will not. Flagging posts for no reason brings nothing but attention to yourself. The only time a post is ever hidden is if it is truly against the rules of the forums.




I think that it depends on how you display your opinion and how you word it.

Long story short, if you’re gonna disagree with someone do it in a way where you agree to disagree. Unless if it’s me and I find someone completely wrong then I’ll call them out on it and go to internet war with them.

But… don’t follow my lead. It might end up off a cliff.


Sorry, but we don’t allow the discussion of flags nor moderator actions. If you have any issue with certain flags then please feel free to PM the mods :bucket_cute: