People don't read OP and flag for no reason, get a life jerks


Lazarus ability to revive dead people and bring them back without penalties is game breaking.
It should be changed for his Lazarus machine to fully heal people when they are on the run, or revive a dead person without taking their penalties.

That way Lazarus wouldn’t be a counter to players that are force to attack for example those that’ can’t sneak away because of OP Daisy.

With his instant healing to full health instead of reviving without penalties, Lazarus players would focus more on thinking of a way to heal instead of always shooting at the monster or cloack in to revive. Pretty much as of now Lazarus is the only hunter that takes it super easy all the time since he doesn’t have to heal anyone and people say that his healing sucks that’s why he’s better off just waiting.


Funnily enough, in high level play, bringing Lazarus around will make your teammates very unhappy.

If anything, Laz is underpowered. You won’t see a competetive team rolling with him. Ever.


LOL high lvl play, i’m lvl 40, so what lvl are you talking about? the game has launched only in this mounth.
If you think otherwise then simply go in to search and type Lazarus, because saying he’s underpowered makes me think you don’t even own the game.


Level wat? And yea, he’s very weak. Your domes last seconds due to a lack of heals, he’s easy to bait. Against Goliath, firebreath to win, against Kraken, you have enormous LOS and 70m wallhacks so he can hardly hide.


Level 50 huh? Wish i was that good, post disregarded


I wouldn’t shorten my team by picking Laz.


That’s funny. Last time I checked, level 40 was the max.



Max level is 40. Great job lying. I bet you got wrecked as monster by a team with Laz and as like most people, immediately run to the internet message boards to claim your superiority was stripped by a broken game.

Here’s an idea, kill Laz first if you’re so concerned about him. Simple. Easy. That way he cannot revive anyone. Pay attention to the names of the players and target that player first. It’s so stupidly easy I can’t explain it any further.

Since he has literally only health burst, he’s not in need of a nerf. He heals like craps and only possess the ability to bring people back.


we won the ps4 tourney with laz XD


Honestly, that’s impressive. Did he just not focus the Laz, or were you camping outside dome?


Level 50, don’t care.
If that’s all you read in the topic then enjoy trolling.


Lvl 50?

I call bollocks.

Anyways, I’m not here to prove anyone that I am credible, so let me go down to the real reasons why Laz is underpowered instead.

Lazarus’ cloak is basically useless once the Monster knows what to look for. Not only it can spot the exhaust of his jetpack, it can also smell out his tracks, making him very easy to find and eliminate.

Laz cannot rez himself, rendering his survivabilty the lowest of all hunters. Add the fact that the Monster can with no trouble go pound on Hunters that had little in the way of regaining health, and quite easily camp and eat bodies, making Lazarus inable to revive.

And lastly, a trapper in a team with Laz goes down quickly. And you can’t fight without an arena.


nope. full protect laz comp. laz maggie markov hank.

when you have synergy with your team it is designed to defeat stage 3 monsters at the objective. which is what we pretty much did every time since everyone likes to run inside domes instead of fighting.


Are you guys on drugs? When did i said that Lazarus needs to be nerfed?


I will enjoy trolling, then.

Claims level 50, isn’t a level 50.
Claims Laz is game breaking OP.
Claims Daisy is OP.


You’re a scrub, that’s all. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but that’s the truth. You got bested by a group of better players and now you’re bummed.

I again say it, because Laz possesses no healing besides health burst, he is not OP. If his revive is bothering you, take him out first. Again, a beyond simple solution. What aren’t you getting?

I’m starting to think you don’t own the game.


Reading that comment below, you ran three valid characters just to make Laz count.

See, that’s when the PC meta starts making sense. We want to be able to fight the Monster effectively before it reaches Stage Three, even if it technically means fighting it on its own terms.


changed for his Lazarus machine to fully heal people when they are on the run, or revive a dead person without taking their penalties.

Here’s where you claimed the nerd needed to take place.

Huehuehue reported for troll. Do you think I honestly care? How about you post your account so we can see just how great you are? I mean after all, someone who is above the maximum level and seems to have a plethora of knowledge about the game shouldn’t need to hide it, right?


How is it game breaking when all you have to do is corpse camp the body, eat the body, or kill laz first? These are pretty easy counters to laz.


when you play higher caliber monsters who understand that burning armor and some hp to get those two strikes on laz is 100% worth it then the meta will shift. right now ppl have ZERO idea how strong they are at stage 2. dont get me wrong there are a few 100 or so that understand. the strongest hunter teams can hunker down at objectives and defeat full hp stage 3 monsters. starving out the timer and forcing a win.

dam right we did. closing your eyes and picking randoms in each role will only result in defeat. all these “this char is good against this monster” means nothing if the team comp doesnt sync. we have 3-4 comps. they all start with a character name revolving around his assests. laz comp, cabot comp, bucket comp, and rush comp (this one doesnt ;P)

edit: burning armor for strikes period really.


People’s opinions on this character are very polarized. Which is evidence he is balanced I think.

I agree he requires a complete shift in monster tactics which is difficult for many.