People complaining about maps


I’ve seen quite a few people talking about how all the maps are gloomy and dark, and how they want brighter maps that are a lot happier. What I really don’t get about that logic is that

  1. The planets been under attack for around half a year, nice places would be kind of rare.
  2. The planet is kind of facing an apocalypse, having a “nicer” map would be out of place.
    Though there are a few that still kind of make sense, the Aviary.
    Anyone else think this way?


I personally love the maps, maybe some real deserts would be some nice variety though.


If they are supposed to be bright and colourful, then the hunters could spot the monster from a mile away.


Have you played with clear skies on? There’s a huge difference between having blizzard conditions and clear skies… and clear skies is better


Yup, but clear skies is also a map buff in Evac that helps the hunters spot the monster a lot easier. It’s more of a disadvantage for monsters, but could be an available option if they wanted a challenge.


I like the maps just how they are - it gives me a sense of danger lurking somewhere close.

Also, the only map I don’t get the brightness of is Wraith Trap. How the fuck is that Wraith in the middle under such a sky? The whole thing looks out of place.


The atmosphere for these maps are great, it really feels like a harsh, brutal world, very savage and you can imagine that the colonists probably have faced a near endless list of challenges to initially set up, the monsters were the last thing before they decided: Nope!


It doesn’t really make things harder, the blizzard conditions make things easier. Clear skies puts everyone on more equal footing