People buying old games from retailers to get founders


What do you guys plan on doing about people buying the game from retailers like g2a and such to obtain the founder pack ? this seems like an unfair way for it to work. i thought you could only get the founders pack if you owned the game before today?


I think they will do something by checking backgrounds


If you buy a copy of Evolve it’s not really cheating. Founder’s is the bonus you get for paying for the game.


Yeah is there a difference depending on what version you get though? cuz it seems a little weird if the people that buy it for $8 or less get the same stuff as someone who preordered the monster pc race edition for $100


What he said. Cheating? Buying a copy of the game makes you a “founder”. Still seems like you’d have to unlock characters and things like that because you wouldn’t have any progress to carry over.


Doesn’t founder give you all of that though?


You still have to unlock skins, perks, badges, etc.

As there is no in game monetization, buying the game outright isn’t really an issue.


ok ty, i figured if they just bought the game and got founders that they would get everything in the game or a large amount of in game gear/money whatever it be.


i just found it a little weird cuz of the differences in price.


They only get new content for free, everything that’s out now they still have to unlock on their own since they won’t have it from to old version.


so is it just whatever is brand new? or all the new stuff forever?


I’m not fully sure, but I think I remember grizzlemarine saying in his video that they’d get everything that’s new to the game for free.


I say if someone wants to buy it and get free stuff then let them. Why would you complain about someone else buying it when you don’t want to?


what are you talking about. I bought the game preordered for $100 before it even came out originally


So people are buying this game just as it was announced to go f2p? Well played TRS/2k, well played.


me and multiple actual founders of the community are a little ticked with the fact people can just go buy founder for $6 when people actually bought the game for full price and we’re getting the same thing. it just infuriates me and a few other actual founders.


is that different from the people who just today might have bought something like Dark Souls? That game is old now but they get all the same stuff the guys who bought it new get.

That’s true of anything. By a dvd new for 20 or wait a year amd get it for 5.


the game price is still the same in stores. but people are buying it cheap off of retailers online so that they can get founder packs. why not just call them premium packs? because barely anyone will be a real founder. they aren’t even getting the money from these off of retail sites that people are selling on that i know of.


But again that is still true of any game. You can go to GameStop and buy this game for 8 dollars right now.