People are upset, but that's okay


This thread regards the latest micropatch to Evolve.

Okay. So people are upset, well, some. Some of us don’t like change, and you’re entitled to discuss how you feel. Sadly, we have to embrace change.

What’s not okay, is personal attacks on eachother. Guys, cmon! We’re all (metaphorically speaking) grown up here, please stop attacking eachother. The patch seems to have rustled a lot of jimmies but it doesnt give people the right to tell others that they’re bad, or they dont understand… IF you feel that someone doesnt get it, try to politely get your point across, dont shove it back at them screaming, "YOU DONT GET IT MAN, YOU’RE A PC/CONSOLE/MONSTER/HUNTER PLAYER UUUGH"
Ahem… just an example. Anyways. If you see someone being impolite, or feel you are being attacked for no good reason, flag and move on. Don’t fuel the fire.

And guys? Smile! TRS Just gave us a patch to tide us over for the long wait!

This PSA(Is it a public service announcement?) is brought to you by ToiletWraith, leader and Queen of the Sewers.
Love you, guys. :slight_smile:


I don’t know why that sentence is so funny


I’m tired! I have a hard time putting things down in words! Do you know how I feel right now?!
…Like this.


Some people just need a hug!




[quote=“ToiletWraith, post:1, topic:86309”]
Don’t fuel the fire.
But what if you’re the one starting the fire?


If you’re the one starting the fire you need to think before you hit reply :stuck_out_tongue:



Roger that captain.
~hides matches~



This should be a banner. I havn’t seen this much negativity and hate threads in a long time!


Oh I don’t know, I think the community have been pretty good with this patch considering how large a set of changes it is!


Sounds like something Hyde would say. Soon you’ll start talking about Gregory Peck :laughing:


I’m glad SOMEBODY has said something. I was beginning to feel alone on the TRS side. Having faith and confidence that TRS knows what they are doing.


“Who’s Gregory Peck?”
“I 'ave no idea.”


I mean… We could pin it for now? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, for now :smiley:



This is an understatement.

If you absolutely must insult someone or a group, there are more subtle ways of doing it without being such a jackass.

At the risk of sounding like a narcissist and quoting myself (I don’t feel like digging through other posts), a good example of this would be:

I didn’t name anyone or group, and as far as I’m aware that didn’t break any rules other than derailing the thread. Technically. Failing doing something constructive like this or you can’t think of anything good to post, it would be better just to stop and walk away.

I get it, everyone’s upset now that the crutch has been knocked out from under them. This was how the game was supposed to be at launch. That doesn’t give you the right to backbite and flame eachother. If you can’t hold your tongue, be constructive, you’ve got a brain, be funny instead.