People are exploiting maps


dead thread is dead. Maggie got nerfed. Y bring this one up again q_q

How many people would like this? (Monster guide now with video)

How is this a exploit?


Maps need to be reworked. People are using map flaws to their advantage.


Basically what @Mossa said: they’re just playing well enough to dome you in an advantageous area, and played well enough to avoid you mid combat.
If it’s not a problem with the dome and they’re the last hunter alive, then go eat up till 3 or go after the relay. Force them away from their safe area and THEN you can murder them.


So, people are playing the game the way it was designed? Besides, you can disengage traps with abilities.


he tried everything… except fire breath it seems.


No it’s not a dome, people are running in circles in a map around the relay and you can not get to them. It’s impossible to catch them so they just time you out until the drop ship comes. ONE person literally does it.


Flame Breath will destroy traps… AoE Wraith attacks destroy traps… Vortex destroys traps… Try some?..

Show a video of the issue, so that everyone can see if it’s just ridiculous complaining, or something that might need fixed. Although I think it’s the latter at this moment.


As Goliath you can’t do it… Trust me.


Don’t just follow them, use your abilities to cut them off. Monsters are faster than Hunters.


I have played Goliath, trust me.


Then you have to sit there and let them win? I have no clue what else to do… I was stage 3 near the relay and if I went to it they shot me… if I ran at them I was forever grappled.


Video, then we can help you. Until then, it’s nothing we can do for you, other than tell you how to play it in every other scenario.


Honestly if it’s Maggie or Abe, then in almost any level you can safely kill the relay without them being able to shoot you off unless they’re so close that you can just outright pounce them. There’s very few levels that they CAN do it in (like the dam), but in those levels I don’t think they can ‘run in circles away from you’ very easily, especially vs a level 3 goliath. MAYBE they can snipe you off in the aviary, but even so they’ll have serious trouble getting away from you once you know where they are.

If you try the exact same tactics in every level, vs every same hunter team, then you’re in serious trouble.


There’s a link. I don’t think you understand the scenario.


Ah that is a known spot for this sort of tactic. It works better with abes grenades though. Also markov mines are funny.

I think that particular spot is majorly annoying if the hunters defend like this, but luckily I didn’t have to put up with it yet. I only used the tactics to annoy a stronger opponent 10 days ago.


lol, I can see why that spot is a pain… Yeah, now we can see what you mean. Video should have been your first thing with it.

Internet rule num. 1, pics or it didn’t happen.

Well, I can’t help you, thus far, I have not been stuck there. The best you could hope for, is a nice Rock Throw, and knock them over the ledge. Kraken would have found that spot hilarious, put mines for them too, and Vortex their ass off. They won’t get back up much, because Jetpack refuel wouldn’t be enough, even with 75% recharge rate. My best advice right now, is try to learn and play Kraken, and attempt to get him on the map.


What OP is trying to say


As can the monster.


Caves, Hallways, Etc.