People abusing flagging

seems some people are cry babies that can’t handle criticism/being told they aren’t helpful so they group up and flag the person trying to solve issues on a thread. kind of feel like the auto block bc of to many flags feature needs to be tweaked.


A lot of the time, I see people being toxic or starting a potentially toxic situation. That’s when I flag. Right there for example, there was no need to call anyone a cry baby. Sure, you may not like them, but there are other ways to express that without name calling. Not flagging, because I think you have a valid point, but your wording could have been a bit better. I have only seen one thread autolocked by the system though.


The mods will still see a thread that gets hidden due to flagging, and when we look into the issue we see if it’s warranted or not. If it is we leave it hidden, and if it’s not we will unhide it.


sorry for the wording just angry, i basically had some children cursing me out when i was talking about sky wraith and i was trying to be polite but then they all flagged me (which seems like 3 flags shouldn’t be enough to warrant a blocked comment)

Also if you get 10 comments marked/and/or removed they usually give you a week ban from the forums.
This can be given to you by a group of players who decide they don’t like you and stalk/spam report your past posts. I’ve seen some people actually group together to do so because they didn’t like someone :stuck_out_tongue:

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I call dibs on Vindelisals flagging group!

Aww cmonn : c

I meant I wanted to be part of your flagging group! Not a group that flags you! You sound like you know what your doing

I thought the flags had to be validated by a mod/Dev for the penalty to apply?

Unless there are a lot of high ranking officials of the empire on this board I don´t see how this is warranted:

How dare you threaten one of the most fun threads ever!

Just kidding. ^.^

I don’t see how your picture was flagged either.

It’s a robot, in my opinion it doesn’t count. ^.-

I enjoyed reading it too and you know it wasn´t my intention to get the sexy thread closed! In fact it took more time to find something that is still abiding the rules then to post somehing really offensive…
I just don´t like those kind of people:

You (the mods) once blocked me for making a joke in a goliath skill thread were I said something like: “I’d put 1 in lightning jump and 2 in soundspikes, don’t put any in lockpicking though”. So excuse me if I call bullshit on your flagging policies.

It was about 30 answers in so there were enough honest answers.

I found my post. Goliaths. What are your preferred stage one loadouts against effective hunter teams?

“I like to put one in supernovablast, lightning jump, banshee fire and sound spikes each. They give some nice utility while also dealing heavy damage to the vampires. When I’ve reached stage 5 I max them all out, completely ignoring everything else. Don’t put any point in lockpicking, the loot isn’t worth it.”

It was the 58th answer in this thread.

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Yeah, people are bit touchy in these days.

I had my post flagged for calling people wraith worshipers. Because calling someone a wraith worshiper is the worst insult of all it seems.


Flagging that picture is ridiculous beyond reason -.-

Seriously, what harm does it do? None at all. People are just becoming more and more sensitive towards everything for no good reason at all. A giant wave of pussyfication has gripped certain groups and Sweden.

More and more people become like this:
Oh no… did it offend you? or worse… might it offend someone in the future?.. Oh boy we better get this thing banned or someone might point his finger at us! Oh, of course I can pick up the soap for you!


Of course. Imagine the consequences!!!

People might actually start worshipping Wraith! Building giant statues and trying to overthrow the government! Think of the consequences for christs sake next time you post something! People might be offended.

In all seriousness though. All of you should take this advice to heart:

Pretty sure some of my posts on this thread will be flagged and blocked because why the fuck not.

Yeah, people are so sheltered they flip out the second someone even suggests something is offensive. Even if they before had no problems with it now that someone said that it is “offending” to someone they flip out. Certain people think they can speak in behalf of others and dictate what is offensive to them and what is not.
Someone made you upset and now you want to censor and silence him so his differing opinion wont offend you anymore.

People think they have the right to not be offended, but in reality they only have the right to be offended.

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I personally didn’t hide that thread, but I just reviewed it…no real reason it should be hidden. It tells me that the post was originally hidden due to going off-topic. Sometimes posts like these get flagged but they’re just silly and don’t really warrant flagging. We’d normally, I believe, let these go unless they started trouble (you’d be surprised). I did go unhide that for you now. I got a chuckle out of it, and the reply to it about how many points go to swimming? Lol.

@Hellbound and @Merdoc : I shall confer with the other mods on this one and see what they think overall. I am the one that hid that image, and it had not formerly been flagged by anyone, so it was wholly a personal choice on my part. I found it funny, yeah, of course! But I hid it because I felt it started a precedent…and I don’t mean about it being offensive.

You have to understand it while looking from the perspective of the mods. We deal with a lot of things, and you’d be surprised what can cause a domino effect if we let something even innocently posted slide. There’s lots of things we’d like to allow but we have to hide…we even have to send warnings to and suspend folks we’d rather not. But ever since the release of Evolve, we’ve gotten a lot more viewers and we’ve been having to take a little bit stricter standpoint on things. I think most people here can agree we were pretty laid back before. We still like to think of us as a more laid back group than on other forums but still, we are taking a tougher look at things. Are we perfect? No. We’re just trying to prevent future problems. The Sexy Wraith thread is heavily on our radar along with a few other threads we are currently “watching” to see how they go.


Thank you for the level-headed response. I appreciate that a lot.


Seems to me that’s just responsible moderating. You can’t help who gets flagged for what, and considering how strict some other boards can be (game boards especially, because … who’s going to protect the children playing an M-Rated game and testing their treasure trove of incoherent, casual racism over their mics!?). People think that a forum is a megaphone, and it’s not – it’s a lobby in a private building.