Penalty for players who leave the class selection



Players leaving the class selection by not going with the desired class , hindering a balanced match (no bots ) .
My suggestion is to put a penalty for those who leave the selection and match, a penalty like lol(League of legends) as to leave more waiting time until the next match.


Totally agree! It is hard enough to find players sometimes


I’ll say the same thing I did in the last 3 discussions about this: punishing leavers in quick play is a terrible solution to the problem of people leaving.

Allowing people to somehow ensure that they never play monster (or only play monster) would probably cut down on the vast majority of leaving. Then, in the event that someone still leaves, allowing players to get matched in and giving them backfill bonus xp/keys would mean a good match and the bonus should alleviate some of the bad feels about being placed into an in-progress match.

If there’s still a leaver problem with that in place, then I wouldn’t be so adverse to the idea of a penalty. If a penalty shows up without systems that improve the experience it’ll just lead to fewer people playing quick play.


Legacy had a leaver penalty, a gradually increasing time penalty. People asked for it to be removed. So they are probably trying out having no penalty to see what people think.


Currently I’m okay with the current system. It’s annoying to see people come and go, but people are doing that because they want to get their role. I quit each time I see someone else with "Prefers Monster’ which is just about every match up, because I only play Monster and I don’t want to drop after the lock-in.


couldnt agree more a hunter that leaves need to have some kind of penalty


This is character select; everyone can leave, no one’s locked in. I see no issue with it so I don’t find they need penalty.


i think its fine people leave before the match starts but ones it starts i think there shoud be a penelty for sure since not only does it ruin the game for all the other players but allso if its a premade hunter team they will just all leave before it ends and force the match to stop leaving with no one winning