Penalty for leaving a match?


Is there a penalty for leaving a match? If not, there should be one. Maybe similar to league of legends where its a temporary ban, because all I know is that it would be super annoying to start up a game and the monster leaves mid game causing the match to end. There has to be some kind of reason for people not to want to leave mid game.


I think if someone leaves mid-game AI takes control of the monster until someone else jumps in


At least from matchmaking. Let custom games still be doable and custom games could be unpunishable too as it’s more for private matches with friends and whatnot.

But if you’re using matchmaking, you are playing with strangers and it’s supposed to make for a good experience so some kind of “leaver” penalty would be good imo.

@Plaff: Yea that’s confirmed but if the monster player leaves, well the game suddenly got much less exciting until someone else takes over. And that someone else is going to have the leaver’s previous choices thrust on them. Skill points, health bar, current evolve status, etc. So they may join, see they have one bar of health at Stage 1 and leave immediately.


Good point. Maybe if a player does jump into a match and are on low health then they could be rewarded a lot for playing until the end


I personally would want to be given “another chance”, ie if I queue as a monster and it puts me in a game that is nearly over, I would stay if I got to do a full round of the monster on the next round, ie the matchmaker doesn’t say “Well you just played monster so you don’t get it for a few turns now”.

I think that would encourage monster players to join games in progress as they get to potentially play the monster a bit more than if they wait for a new game to pop up that hasn’t started yet.

EDIT: Of course a lot of this is assumption as we don’t really have THAT many details on the backend of this game yet. We know a LOT about the game itself but not about the systems that support it (Like matchmaking, lobbies, etc).


I like this idea of either they are replaced by an A.I. hopefully programmed to play at similar skill level of person who left or by somebody else who is waiting in the lobby. As they said you can choose what hunter class you want to play so you end up in a match with that class. Obviously in LoL they can’t do that.


The stopping them from them playing I’m not sure about because at times when I play LoL my connection drops out and then I try to reconnect, but the game won’t so then I have no, but to just abandon the game I was playing. if there was to be a time ban, I know how much of a pain it can be so I’m thinking 2 miuntes,5mins,10mins,20mins,30mins. However even there was one doesn’t matter. the devs have said you can battle A.I players either hunting an a.i monster or hunter.(offline)
But who wants to just play against a.i.


I highly doubt there will be some huge penalty for leaving a game. I get it with league because its a free game but if im buying a $60 game and I randomly have to leave in the middle I would be pissed off if I got banned. At most I think the leaver will just not get the exp from the match.


No reward is a good idea. It would suck if I lost connection to the game and then I couldn’t play the game for a day. I say you just don’t get any rewards you would normally get.


I think there should be a penalty for leaving the game because you will mostly want to play with players even if the A.I is freaking awesome

just make it so that it wont just ban you from exiting a game or two but for those who keep bailing on almost every game or so

and make a tracking system that will show the reputation of the player so you will able to kick the player or make it clear to him not to exit the game before you start the match and it will prevent people from getting to a situation where no one wants them in the game

what do you guys think :)?


Penalty for leaving a match in LoL is reasonable. In this being banned for a whole day for leaving a match is bad. Say your monster player and you leave then that could just mean automatic victory for hunters. Please Please Please can somebody leave a link to a game that isn’t alpha where monsters wins either by objective or killing hunters. I’m starting to lose faith in the monsters and seeing myself just play on hunter team.


This thread (or direct link to youtube) shows the monster winning. Albeit barely.

The monster is solo. If you, as the monster, make a mess of things… Tough.

The hunters are a team. Sure, if the Assault can never face the right way then your total damage output is halved. If the medic get’s lost and then repeatedly eaten by plants, nobody can be rezzed. Your trapper could be Leeeeeeeroy. But the other three players can, with difficulty, continue the game. And with good co-ordination, potentially win.

We’ll see more as release date comes closer (and then even more after), but even now, the results from the rounds already played shows a roughly even split between monsters and players winning.