Penalties for leavers


Hey there!

I’m just started to play evolve again, since beta.
Do you have any future plans to give any ingame punishment for leavers?
I mean: After matchmaking, game got me another 4 people to play with, from 5 matches at 3 usually someone plugs out or simply click back button if he/she cannot play the first deserved role.
In another games when you leave after a match found, you get deserter penalty.
It would be kind to put some penalty here also for leaving a game.
My idea: first time leaving- cannot search for a game for 5 minutes. Or after leaving a game for the next three games the leaver doesn’t get any silver coins or ingame xp for hunters/monsters.
Or another idea: after finding all players, the ingame back button simply disappears when you are in picking stance.
Thank you for reading this, and really sorry for my bad English!


If there’s some penalty for leavers then I would prefer also that there’s an option to never be selected for 1 specific role. Especially monster. Right now, I simply don’t want to play the monster in pvp. I put it always at lowest priority, but still it happens sometimes that I get assigned to it.

If the player selection finds only players with lowest priority set to monster, can’t it simply make a team with 4 hunter players against AI monster? Would that be so bad?


I think that the only thing needed is the penalty for the leavers of an already started match. I mean, if someone leave at the character selection you can just all leave and search for another game, no big deal, but it is really frustrating being forced to wait the loading screen and the initial part of the game out just to read “Darkangellxxx has left”.


I meant both match leavers and lobby leavers. For example:, I’m in the lobby, game set me as a monster, other 4 as hunters, I pick wraith,one of the player locking also a hunter, then simply says: I dont want to play against wraith player, then he/she can simply leave the game. After he/she left, game auto fills up the empty space with a BOT(usually bot hunters playing like a 4 months old mentally injured squirrel), which is not fair for the 3 other hunter players.
For leaving matches I would give greater time penalty.


Is not fair either for the hunters to be playing against a Wraith, lmao


Since once the Lobby is loaded the game WILL NOT search for anyone else in the case of a dropped player…

Once the character select is locked in, if someone drops they should only be allowed back into MM to finish the game they played. Otherwise they have to wait to join MM again.

If there is no penalty then expect to see Match Dodgers, instances where you FINALLY get the role you want, but then either have to leave or play down a man, and so on.


Its a big deal when people keep doing it over and over again that queue times become frustratingly long, and this isn’t a hypothetical scenario; its already happening and many players are extremely frustrated with it.


Mates, the match searching here last few seconds, maybe a minute if it takes long, it is not the end of the world to do it over three or four times. I mean, in games like Hots or Smite you have to wait from three to TWELVE minutes to find one single game and you are not even gonna find a good one cause there is always some jerk that refuse to pick a role and you can’t even search again if that happens, you HAVE to play with one man less. Seriously, the search time is the LAST problem of Evolve. You can complain 'bout lots of things, some character are OP, some bug that makes you crash for no reason are a pain in the arse, you gotta have 4 friends to play as hunter or else the monster is gonna feast on you without even evolving once, but the search time is no problem.


This is being discussed internally as we recognize it’s a problem deteriorating the experience!