Penalizing quiters


I know some people have legitimate reasons for quitting a game, but i’d guess the majority don’t. I think a timed xp penalty or xp dock should be implemented. I lean more towards timed penalty, maybe an hour of no xp gain.


xp is not going to be a good incentive to get people to stay or not leave

it won’t take long before people stop caring about xp because they don’t need it or want it


I’d go harsher quitters on any game should have there system forcibly wiped and rebooted regardless of system :+1:


Can you say “lawsuit”?


This has been discussed several times, but here is how penalties for leaving work as I understand them

The player receives no bonus xp, the match counts as a loss on their record, and they have a short timer before they can join a new game. Keep in mind, in Evac mode, they forfeit a TON of xp. An hours worth even


Queue wait time is usually effective in my experience.


Lawsuit for?


if it’s exponential for subsequent leaves like dota2 handles it, for sure. XP penalty alone isn’t enough especially later on.


It might also depend on whether or not the devs decide to implement a vote to surrender/return to lobby kind of option as in L4D.


Right now, the penalty is time and XP. Personally I think this is fair since bots take over the missing slot. That way, if somebody has an emergency and has to go, there is no severe penalty, but if you leave willy-nilly, you will waste loads of time.

And trust me when I say, if you have a leaver on your team that feels obligated to stay, their attitude makes it less fun for everyone.


I’m more of a fan that if you quit, there is MINIMAL penalties (to accommodate legitimate reasons to leave) But then it subsequently watches how often you leave again. The chances of you needed to leave over and over should be very low, and large penalties can be introduced if they continue in short time.

I’d be all for having penalties against players joining games and then going AFK for extended times. Yeah, it’s good the game offers a bot to take over for the meanwhile, but the other players are not there to play alongside bots.


I don’t think this would really work out, simply because in Evolve, you may be down, but you are almost never out


They should put average game lengths by the mode, especially/or only evacuation for people people who won’t know what they are getting into.


For wiping a person’s computer. That would be open/shut in the courts. The developer would owe some mad scrilla.


He is right, that my friends, is what we call a virus


A time halt and Xp deduction seems good enough. Also a kicking system is needed some players are just trolls who actually attempt to ruin your game.


I always shudder when I hear talks of a vote kick. It can work on occasion… but in my gaming experience usually it just gets used to kick skilled players, real hackers work around the system to not be kicked, and people misinterpret unusual strategies as trolling, even if they may be entirely legit attempts. Then again. I may just be grumpy because in a few games I played I was kicked more often than I got to play…


No I can agree to an extent, many times i was kicked from L4D for no reason at all lol. But what other choices are there? If you’re stuck with a troll player the whole match will likely be ruined, you can’t quit either or you’ll be penalized.


That’s not really different from L4D though…unless your team was entirely dead, it was always possible to win.


in l4d you had just as much a shot at a comeback as you do with evolve

however unlike l4d, if the mode is scored strictly by games won, you are out after losing 3 with no hope of recovery. In l4d you could lose 3 maps but if it was only by 25 points each it was still negligible and you could easily recover. The only way to be shit out of luck in l4d is if you get completely rolled a few maps in a row. Which would be the equivalent of getting beat by a stage 1 monster 3 times in a row

as far as leaving goes dota2 pretty much hit the nail on the head

if you’re afk for over 5 minutes it counts as a leave. You can extend this duration if other players agree to a pause.

if you leave you aren’t penalized for it at all at first. If you keep leaving or your leaver ratio becomes too high within a certain number of games, you’re exponentially penalized and immediately penalized for leaving any games.