Penalized for game crash


Why do we still get a time penalty when the have crashes on us. This recent crash have me an error message that says “protocol error”. That’s a new one for me. But seriously, what gives? With how frequently this game has these crashes, it bothers me that I get a loss and a time penalty on top of another 5 min wait period wine the have finds another match.


Because then people could Alt F4 to crash the game purposefully. It’s almost impossible to tell how the game crashed on your computer because the game only knows if it is on or off. To get the level of detail on ‘what/why’ it causes would mean they would need to install software to monitor everything on your computer and legal reasons alone would never allow hardly any company to do that.


what about ps4…


You can force quit or unplug your ethernet cable.


but why would you do it in the first place?


To escape a loss. It was a big problem that people complained about. Monsters/Hunters would get close to losing and disconnect to avoid a loss on their record.


but… isn’t losing a big part of the game???

4 vs. 1

hmmm people… people


That’s online gaming for ya


It wouldn’t bother me as much of it wasn’t a daily occurrence. And multiple times at that.


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