Peirs_Pryce Makes a Team! (Maybe :P )


Hey! I am Peirs_Pryce, for those of you who don’t know me, I was on LastMinuteChiprel for two ESL Evolve cup wins, and on the winning team, PushingDaisies, at the Pax East pro am. It seems my current team is dissolving, and now I find my self in need of a new team! I am thinking of putting together my own team if possible, from fellow forum/community members! I am not 100% sure if I will make a team at this point, or if I will find a different team, but if anyone is interested in serious competitive play, and would like to be considered for my potential team, feel free to talk to me on Steam/PM/thisthread to get some play time in and show me your skills! Assuming I get some bites on this I will update my roster to show if a spot has been filled. I am building a five man team, with the fifth being optional, should a four man competition/live event come up.

Monster: Peirs_Pryce (secondary Assault)

Assault: (To be filled) **disclaimer, should a four man event come up, with no fifth optional, I will be playing assault and monster.

Medic: (To be filled)

Trapper: (To be filled)

Support: (To be filled)

I am looking for people who are serious about Evolve, and competing, who have schedules that allow a good amount of team practice. I am in Utah, MST and am available every night after two PM, except Wednesdays, when I am available after seven.


I wish I could! My schedule doesn’t allow! WAH!


I’d love to try, I had a lot of fun earlier when we played vs Maddcow :smiley:


I might have time. And I am EST so thats good


Alright! I am taking off for a while, just add your Steam id’s and requested role, and we can get some play time worked out this week!


Is this pc only? If it was xbox I’d gladly take to role of Assault since it’s my main.


I’m not a PC gamer, but it’s opportunities like this that make me wish I was.


I’m up for it. Throw me in as Medic or Trapper. :smiley:


Peirs isn’t going to be Trapper? Man, you scary with that Grffin harpoon.


Aren’t you on my friends list, Im gameplayovergraphics, I’ll try out next time im online.

I can play any class


John Smith, Average Guy. I’ll play everything but if I had to choose I prefer either trapper or medic.


Invite me when your ready gamertags TacklessBook160 good at all roles have mastery with all the characters I don’t have much too do so I’m ready to go on and do team practice when ever but my preferred role Is either trapper or support also got 290 hours in gameplay so I’m pretty experienced (Xbox one) Steam ID: tacklessbook160


why is shear madness dissolving?


Join fools! I must see this epic battle unfold!


I am in the same time-zone and can play any role besides monster, although I am best with hank. I also have quite an open schedule as well.

Steam ID: fatesrevenge


I play mostly PS4, but I do have a PC account I just need to level up. Top 300 global, 200 Goliath, 100 griffin. Would prefer trapping or assaulting. Steam ID: kaptinskorge


Trapper is my worst role! Thanks though :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright guys, I will be adding steam id’s and talking to people this week! If anyone finds this thread late, still feel free to send me a message


Peirs can I join your team!

I can do any role. PC Player

Timezone and schedule: U.S. Eastern. I can be on anytime after 3 PM on weekdays. Weekends I can be on anytime.
Steam ID:


I will be sure to give you a shot as well!