Peaceful Endings?


Is there a way that everyone can win? Can monsters and hunters live side by side in peace?
The hunters could explore the lush and interesting planet, removing hostel wildlife and studying the docile. The monster could move about unmolested and feast it’s gentle heart out on the game, passing by the hunters in their silent awe. It would evolve quickly to its final form, and continue to graze the prey on Shear. Meanwhile the power generator would be left alone, and the match would end. Sure,the monster would be called a loser. But can there really be losers in such peace?

When can we expect 2K to stop supporting online mode?


Kraken… agrees :’)


Yes. I know that Kraken and Bucket would love to have a cup of tea and a crumpet over some philosophical debate.


Crumpets* dear midnight, biscuits are barbaric


Do forgive me most egregious breach of conduct there, my dear fellow. Most unruly of me.


Hyde- I love melting faces!

Goliath- Me too!

(Goliath and Hyde High five and walk of into the sunset melting the faces of all the wildlife on shear)

Sunny- Guurl Yo scythe arms are dirty Time for a makeover

Wraith- Squeeee omg you have no idea how hard it is to get those three jerks to help me.

Hank- (facepalm) Kids.

Behemoth- Tsk tell me about it.

Hank and Behemoth- Wanna grab a beer?

Hank- I’ll cook us up some canyon eel.




In a more perfect world the Colonists and Canyon Striders would be forever safe from harm, and the Hunters and Monsters would drive Mammoth Birds to extinction…together.


Quite, quite, well I accept your apology and invite you back to the tea and crumpet ball tomorrow and king Louis’ chateau tomorrow


Imagine if there’s no dropship, it’s easy if you try.

No jungle below us, above us only space.

Imagine all the Krakens, living for todaaaaaay.

Imagine there’s no Cabot, It isn’t hard to dooo

Nothing to eat or die for, and no Wraiths too

Imagine all the Tyrants Living life in Peace…

You may saaaaaay I’m a survivor, but I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us, and Shear will live as one!


As long as I stand Canyon Striders will be prey.

Killing those things is too fun.


Monster! - wait, we already knew that.

Well, back to the killing then. Truce over!


Except for the whole part about Monsters’ lifespans are only a few hours long… That’s why they don’t poop. They just store it.


I know right? No one understands the love between a man and a tree branch


Last moment before they were massacred by a murder of mammoth birds.

Atleast …Hank find someone who appreciates his canyon eels. /while tears from eyes.


The peaceful ending will be when all the monsters are dead. that will be super peaceful


;-; Why? What have they done to warrant such cruelty?


A murder like a murder of crows? Awesome!.. Wait that’s it the monsters are attacking planets with potentially dangerous inhabitants. I mean think about they were to late to stop humans so they’re heading towards earth but on the way attacked the home planet of the future galactic overlords MAMMOTH BIRDS!